Reasons To Have Large Windows In Your Home

Congratulations you have decided to replace your old inefficient windows with new high performance replacement windows. Now that you know your old windows will soon be moving out, you can begin to focus on whether or not you want to change the size of your new windows. Provided you don’t live in a condo complex where your decisions are made

Should My New Windows Open or Not?

Should your new windows open or not? When it comes to replacing your old inefficient windows, you will have to make many tough decisions. Who will you hire? What type of windows do you want? And when should you have them installed? One question that is given little to no thought is whether or not your new windows should open?

Which Way Should My Casement Windows Open?

Decisions, decisions, decisions…who knew replacing the windows in your home required so many decisions! Whether you are considering replacing a few windows or every window in your home, you will need to decide few things along the way. Today one the most popular replacement window styles is a casement window. Casement windows crank or pivot in one direction, making them