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Which Way Should My Casement Windows Open?

casement direction questionDecisions, decisions, decisions…who knew replacing the windows in your home required so many decisions! Whether you are considering replacing a few windows or every window in your home, you will need to decide few things along the way.

Today one the most popular replacement window styles is a casement window. Casement windows crank or pivot in one direction, making them a great alternative to your standard sliding window. This unique pivot operation allows casement windows to be installed into most difficult to reach locations. Whether you are looking for an easier window to open over your kitchen sink or the perfect window to complement your beautiful bay, casement windows are an excellent choice when it comes to aesthetics and efficiency.

Casement windows pivot left to right or right to left, ultimately making their function up to you. Here are a few simple guidelines to consider when deciding which way your new casement windows will open.

1. Understand the lingo

  • Before we begin this discussion you must first understand window lingo. All window references are made from the exterior of your home. If a sliding glass door operates left to right while standing outside, this door is referred to as a “handle left”. This same concept holds true when it comes to the way a casement window opens.
  • Casement windows are labeled in one of two ways, left hand crank or right hand crank. From the inside of your home a casement window with the crank on the right and the lock on the left will open from the left to the right while a casement window with the crank on the left and lock on the right will open from right to left.

2. Consider your dominate hand

  • When installing a single casement window in a bathroom or laundry room, you will find it easier to open if the crank is on the side of your dominate hand. A crank on the right side of a casement window will crank right while a left side crank will crank left. While we all use both hands to do most things in life, a right-handed person will find it easier to operate a right side positioned crank as the crank will spin to the right.

3. Consider ventilation 

  • Over the years I have encouraged homeowners to increase the likelihood of a cross breeze in their homes. One great way to insure proper cross breeze is to have casement windows on different sides of your home that open in opposite directions. This configuration helps to catch the breeze and send it flowing through your home more effectively. Proper ventilation in a home begins by creating the best opportunity for it to occur. Keep your casements cranked at a 45° angle to ensure adequate breeze gathering qualities.

4. Consider Aesthetics 

  • The architectural community agrees that casements look best when the hinged side of the window is close to the center of the room. This design ensures that all casements open towards the middle of the room creating the best look. Casement windows are one of the most aesthetically pleasing windows. Don’t ruin this natural beauty by misplacing them throughout your home.

5. Keep them in pairs

  • If two casements are located next to one another, consider having them open in opposite directions. Much like French doors double casements opening in the middle create a larger area for air to enter into your home. Use this configuration in bay and bow windows in addition to windows located on either side of a picture window or anywhere you find two casements in close proximity to one another.

Casement windows are by far a fan favorite when it comes to window replacement across the country. Whether you are replacing one casement or 30 be sure to think twice before deciding its final position and operating direction. With careful consideration casement windows will enhance the beauty of your home while increasing its energy efficiency!

This article has been written by the publishing staff at Pure Energy Window Company. We are family owned and operated replacement window company servicing all of Southeastern Michigan and Lansing.

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