Picture Windows

You can make any room in your home brighter with picture windows. These big windows help bring sunlight and the outdoors into your home without the discomfort of too-cold or too-warm air. At Pure Energy Window Company, we provide energy-efficient picture windows to homes throughout Brighton and Southeast Michigan. Let us brighten your home with our sustainable, high-performance picture windows.

Picture Windows from Pure Energy Pure Energy

Picture Window Features

  • Picture windows can be made with insulated glass for better performance and a more comfortable home. Insulated glass window panes are made by taking two panes and hermetically sealing the air between them. At Pure Energy, we also add argon to further improve the thermal properties of your home’s picture windows.
  • Each Pure Energy picture window comes with a fully fusion-welded Next Generation PureCore™ mainframe and sash. These top-of-the-line adjustments help reinforce the strength of your windows and increase their aesthetic appeal.
  • Picture windows don’t open so they can provide your home with natural light and beauty while maintaining a safe and secure environment. They’re perfect for homes with small children for this reason.
  • Pure Energy provides picture windows in a wide range of sizes to accommodate your tastes. These windows are perfect for a floor-to-ceiling design, as well as tall spaces such as a two-story foyer. We can design your home’s new picture windows to your specifications and ensure a precise fit.
  • All of our windows come with fusion-welded frames to ensure they always stay in place. Our competitors settle for mechanically fastening windows, but these types of frames deteriorate more quickly than our fusion-welded models. When you invest in our picture windows, we want them to last you a long time.

What Are Picture Windows?

Picture windows are large glass panels that don’t open and allow for an unobstructed view. As they’re inoperable, picture windows can be installed in areas that are hard to reach to let more light in. With the immense view of the outside they provide, picture windows resemble portraits hung on the wall, which is where they get the name “picture” windows.

You can open up just about any space with a picture window, including rooms that tend to be drafty. They’re the perfect solution for allowing natural light in without having to open the windows and bring cold air inside. Picture windows can be used to create a nice view of a garden, cityscape, or any other scenery you may have.

Best Materials for Picture Windows

For your new picture windows, wood is the best material. It’s durable, aesthetically pleasing, and matches almost any home’s interior. Wood is almost the most expensive material to make picture windows, so other options are vinyl and aluminum. Both wood and vinyl can be energy efficient, but wood tends to require more maintenance than vinyl. Aluminum isn’t a very efficient material for picture window frames, so we usually don’t offer this material.

We want your new picture windows to offer convenience, style, and functionality. That’s why we only use the best materials for windows at Pure Energy. Ensuring your home is comfortable and energy-efficient year-round is one of our top priorities.

Best Location for Picture Windows

Picture windows are best suited for rooms or areas where you don’t plan to open windows. Placing them close to high ceilings is common, as is installing floor-to-ceiling windows in a living space. A room where opening the window is more essential may not be the best choice for picture windows.

Similarly, you don’t want to install picture windows in a room where the sunlight streaming in causes problems. If the windows would create a glare on a television screen, for example, you might avoid putting them in that particular room.

Picture Window Design Ideas

Picture windows are ideal for viewing and appreciating a garden, skyline, or other gorgeous surroundings. Given their simplicity, they’re also easy to incorporate into your home’s interior designs. Some ways to use picture windows in your home might include:

  • By a window seat or bench
  • In a dining room with a garden view
  • Smaller windows close to the ceiling in a tall room
  • A wall made almost entirely of picture windows
  • Above a front door
  • In a bathroom with high ceilings

Call Pure Energy for Your Home’s New Picture Windows

When you want to enjoy the gorgeous view outside your home while maintaining comfort and energy efficiency, give Pure Energy Window Company a call. We’re happy to discuss our wide range of windows available.