Double Slider Window

Double Slider Windows

For an unobstructed view of the world beyond your home, look no further than Pure Energy’s eye-catching and energy-efficient double sliding windows. Our uniquely designed, dual opening double slider windows provide a maintenance-free and secure alternative to the industry standard sliding window units. Built with Pure Energy PureCore™ material, these solidly built and dependable windows slide open with ease and seal tight to keep all of Mother Nature’s elements out.

Double Slider Windows from Pure Energy Pure Energy

Double Slider Window Features

  • Every double slider has a fully fusion-welded Next Generation PureCore™ mainframe and sash and for extra strength and enduring beauty.
  • All double slider windows come standard with PureCore™ mainframes filled with patented R-Core insulation (pre-expanded high-density solid polyurethane), the same type of insulation used in refrigerator and freezer doors.
  • Lowering air infiltration to almost zero is our full-perimeter, high-performance weatherstripping. This patented Q-Lon weatherstripping provides maximum energy-efficiency while not hindering the window’s ability to open and close smoothly.
  • Each double slider comes standard with a 7/8″ High Efficiency glass system including 2 or 3 panes of double strength glass for excellent insulation properties.
  • Every double slider has a fully fusion-welded New Generation PureCore™ mainframe for extra strength and enduring beauty.
  • Featuring air tight sloped sill, every double slider will maintain a quality seal for years to come.
  • Ventilation limit latches can be found on all double sliders for added security when windows are partially open.
  • Each triple pane PureCore™ double slider contains 2 coats of Low-E along with 2 chambers of argon gas to provide high performance and energy savings to your home.
  • Every double slider comes standard with aluminum extruded half screen with fiberglass mesh and color matched frames.
  • All double sliders are equip with full span left and right pull rails for ease of operation.
  • All double sliders are available in hundreds of interior and exterior color options including 6 beautiful wood grain variations.
  • Every Pure Energy double slider meets or exceeds all Energy Star guidelines for installation in the State of Michigan
double slider window

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