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When it comes to adding character and charm to your home, nothing accomplishes this better than adding bay or bow windows. Bay and bow windows were first developed and historically used in mansions of the early Renaissance, installing a bay or bow-window in a perfect way to immediately increase the curb appeal of your home. A bay or bow windows not only allow more light into a room they also providing extra space to an otherwise confined area.

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Bay and Bow Window Features

Bay Windows

  • A bay window is constructed using two angled windows flanking a picture window that remains parallel to the inside wall of the house.
  • Typically, square, hexagonal or octagonal in shape, a bay window can look like an addition or alcove on the home.
  • The front center window is a fixed non-opening window while the side flanker windows are operational to allow air flow through the house.
  • Bay windows protrude between 30° – 40° from the inside wall and are a great way to extend the view of a particular room.
  • Given the large angle from the home, bay windows provide a large window seat on which to place things.
  • A bay window is finished off with an octagonal roof constructed with traditional 3-dimensional shingles, aluminum trim or some more ornate like a copper.

Bow Windows

  • A bow-window is constructed using 4 or more window units which create a curve or bow.
  • Bow windows create the effect of one large window rather than an architectural element on a home like a bay window.
  • All or some of the windows in a bow-window can be operable for ventilation with the most common window being a casement.
  • Bow windows have a protrusion angle between 10° – 20° and thus allow more light into a room given the gentler curve to their construction.
  • As a result of the smaller protrusion angle, bow windows have a much narrower window seat on which to place things.
  • Like a bay window, a bow-window is also finished off with an octagonal roof constructed with traditional 3-dimensional shingles, aluminum or copper.

*All bay and bow windows are available in hundreds of interior and exterior colors including 6 beautiful wood grain variations.

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