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Should My New Windows Open or Not?

opening windowShould your new windows open or not? When it comes to replacing your old inefficient windows, you will have to make many tough decisions. Who will you hire? What type of windows do you want? And when should you have them installed? One question that is given little to no thought is whether or not your new windows should open?

Just because the knucklehead who built your home made every window open doesn’t mean you have to follow his lead. This is your big chance to make your windows operate in a way that best fits your lifestyle. Before you decide to follow the leader and keep your windows in their original configuration, here are 5 things to keep in mind.

1. Does your room currently have enough ventilation?

  • Fresh air does a body good. Living in the Midwest my entire life, I can speak from experience on how good it feels to open the windows in the Spring! Being cooped up in your home all Winter long makes you feel more like a hibernating bear then a human being. We all crave a connection between the outside world and our inside dwelling. A great way to create more ventilation in a room is to have two windows that open on opposite sides of the room. Air will naturally drift from one window to the other creating an uplifting cross breeze.

2. How is your view outside?

  • A few years ago I decided to covert the 3 connected double hung windows in my dinning room into a beautiful picture window. I knew by making this change I would no longer be able to open this window but the new expansive view far out weighed any loss of operation. Keep in mind that all bedrooms must have a window that opens in case of a fire but when it comes to other rooms in your home let your imagine run wild. Creating new window configurations will help make your home look and feel different.

3. Do you have allergies?

  • If you suffer from allergies you know just how bad you can feel as the seasons begin to change. Whether it is trees budding out in the Spring or leaves dropping in the Fall, Michigan is full of allergy causing agents. When deciding if a window should open or not, you need to first determine if you would even open it in the first place. Solid picture windows are always less expensive than windows that open. There is no need to waste your money on windows that open if you are never going to open them. Be sure to ask your sales rep to price your job with and without windows that open to make sure you have all the options.

4. How is the outside noise?

  • Are there things outside you want to hear? Are there things outside you would rather not? If you live next to a noisy road or have a loud neighbor, you may want to consider making the windows that face this noise not open. Solid picture windows do a better job knocking down outside noise than their operable counterparts. On the other hand, you may want to take a window that doesn’t currently open and turn it into one that does. Whether you want to enjoy the calming sound of your backyard fountain or the playful laughs of your kids on the swing set, windows that open allow you to enjoy all that was once blocked by glass and gas! Let the world in or keep it out, its your choice and now is the time to decide!

5. Do you need to put things into your home through a window?

  • This might sound like a strange question to consider but it is an important one. There have been many times over the years that I thought to myself, “If only this window fully opened, I would be able to put this piece of furniture through it or bring this hose into it”. There are many reasons why windows should open and making your life easier is a great one to consider. Walk around your home before making your final decision and consider whether or not you would ever want a particular window to open to aid in some function.

Now is the time to decide. Don’t live the rest of your life wondering whether or not you should have made a window open!

This article has been written by the publishing staff at Pure Energy Window Company. We are family owned and operated replacement window company servicing all of Southeastern Michigan and Lansing.

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