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Window Installation

Pure Energy Window Company prides itself on installing top-quality, innovative windows into the homes of hundreds of Michigan residents every year. Here at Pure Energy we specialize in installing custom windows for whatever home project fits your household’s needs. Assisting homeowners throughout Metro Detroit and the Greater Lansing market, Pure Energy Window Company is a Family Owned and Operated A+ Replacement Window Company.

Window Installation Guarantee

When choosing which windows are right for your home, select a window company that will also offer top-notch window installation. Just having energy efficient window isn’t enough. The way a window is installed makes all the difference when it comes to a replacement window’s overall performance. Rest assured that with Pure Energy Window Company, your windows will be installed by professionals with experience, expertise, and courtesy. If you are ever less than satisfied with your installation, let us know, and we will make it right for you. That’s Pure Energy Window Company’s GUARANTEE!

New Construction Window Installation

New construction windows are used for new homes or room-addition projects, but they can also be installed for a home remodel project too. It’s an involved process, but if time and budget allow, this option can pay off in the end. New construction windows require the studs of the home to be exposed in order for the window to be installed directly onto the frame of the house. The window is nailed onto the the frame of the house using a nailing fin. Consider getting a new construction window if you suspect the studs and frame of your existing windows are damaged, or if the exterior covering of your home is going to be replaced at the same time.

Replacement Window Installation

Replacement window installation is a great option for homeowners with limited time and budget. Replacement windows are specifically created in order for the installer to not have to remove any home exterior to install the window. The windows are made to fit a window opening that already exists. When replacement windows are installed, the only thing being replaced is the window itself along with a quarter round stop molding around the interior perimeter of each window. By replacing windows in this manner, you will not only save time and money but also the hassle of painting new casing and repairing the walls in your home.

New Window Investment

Pure Energy Window Company is committed to offering quality windows and installation at an affordable price. Take advantage of our 0% interest rate loans—you could receive a 0% interest rate for up to 7 years or a low interest rate loan for up to 12 years! Call Pure Energy Window Company for more details. We can help you make new windows a reality!

Winter Window Installation

Pure Energy Window Company offers window installations, even in the coldest of temperatures. Our installation process keeps your home’s heat in, and cold air out. Due to the loss of energy and efficiency when old windows sustain harsh winters, Pure Energy Window Company replaces windows year-round. Lower your utility bill for every season with the most energy efficient windows and installation available in Michigan!

Pure Energy’s Window Deal

Windows keep the cool in!
30% OFF your entire order!
2 years no payments & no interest


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