Pure Energy Window Company offers some the most energy-efficient windows available in the State of Michigan. We stand behind our windows and are continually helping Michigan homeowners lower their utility bill with the installation of our Energy-Efficient windows. All windows offer full-perimeter, high-performance weather-stripping, which gives your home maximum energy efficiency and security against the harsh elements of Michigan’s ever-changing climate!

Triple Coated Low-E Windows

All Pure Energy windows—the Next Generation uiPVC windows—combine two layers of Low-E coating with two chambers of argon gas. Low-E is a coating that reflects radiant infrared energy. Low-E keeps warming sunrays out, while allowing maximal light to still enter into the house. Low-E coated windows are a great selection because you can efficiently keep your house cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and maintain plenty of natural light throughout your home.

Energy Efficiency: Argon Gas Windows

Pure Energy Triple Pane windows include two chambers of argon gas. Argon gas is non-toxic, motionless, clear and odorless gas. Windows with argon gas offer multiple energy-efficient benefits to your home:

  • Less heat transferability through windows keep your home cool in the summer
  • More efficient heating and cooling throughout your home
  • Improved sound proofing
  • Elimination of condensation and frost on your windows through the winter months
  • Decreased UV Rays into home thus protecting your furniture and carpet from fading

Argon gas-filled windows are available in a large array of custom sizes and styles. Prices are flexible for all budgets. When selecting windows for your home, consider windows with Triple Pane Argon Gas. While the price of these windows may be higher than a basic window, the savings on your utility bills with these energy-efficient windows will more than make up for the initial investment.

New Windows Reduce Energy Loss

Windows are the biggest cause of energy loss in your home. As much as 35% of your home’s energy loss is due to poorly insulated windows. Prioritize putting energy-efficient Pure Energy Next Generation uiPVC windows into your home today. Start saving money on your energy bills and decreasing your carbon footprint all while helping the to save the Earth!

If you live in Lansing or any of the Metro Detroit communities contact Pure Energy Window Company today to discuss how to increase your home’s energy efficiency.