Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows remain a homeowner favorite for their combination of classic looks and convenient operation.




Double Hung Windows from Pure Energy Pure Energy

Though the Pure Energy double hung may look like a traditional window, it is any thing but. Built with efficiency and style in mind, Pure Energy double hung windows are a picture of modern scientific innovation. Available in multiple configurations including operating, fixed and factory mulled, each Pure Energy double hung window is crafted with premium materials meant to last a lifetime!

Double Hung Window Features

  • Each Pure Energy double hung window has a fully fusion-welded Next Generation PureCore™ mainframe and sash and for extra strength and enduring beauty.
  • The sill of a Pure Energy double hung is created with the patented SilLock design – featuring a sloped sill to keep windows dry while ensuring a weather-tight seal.
  • Every meeting rails contains an integral interlock for a weather-tight seal and extra security.
  • Fin and pile weatherstripping on both sash and mainframe for protection against air, dust and moisture. Tough Q-lon weather striping can be found where the bottom sash meets the sill upon full window closure.
  • Each double hung window comes with a 7/8″ High Efficiency glass system including 2 or 3 panes of double strength glass for excellent insulation properties.
  • Triple weather stripped check rail and sash ensures long-term performance and durability.
  • Ventilation limit latches for added security when windows are partially open with an optional child safety vent latch available.
  • Two flush-mounted cam-action locks on windows over 25″ wide blend nicely into the window profile.
  • Top and bottom lift rail for ease of operation and both sash tilt-in for easy and safe cleaning of the exterior of window glass.
  • Equal sight lines for traditional wood window aesthetics.
  • All Pure Energy double hung window comes standard with PureCore™ mainframes filled with patented R-Core insulation, pre-expanded high-density solid polyurethane foam, the same insulation medium used in many refrigerator and freezer doors.
  • Platinum Series Energy Package options feature mainframe and sashes filled with patented R-Core insulation.
  • Superior designed balance system for years easy opening.
  • Every double hung window comes standard with aluminum extruded half screen with fiberglass mesh and color matched frame.
  • All double hung windows are available in hundreds of interior and exterior color options including 6 beautiful wood grain variations.
  • Every Pure Energy double hung window meets or exceeds all Energy Star guidelines for installation in the State of Michigan.

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