There is gas in my windows?

So your considering replacing the windows in your home, congratulations this seemingly insignificant decision just might save the Earth! Well maybe not, but it just might be the best decision you ever make. Replacing your old inefficient windows will help lower your utility bill and shrink your carbon footprint. No single home improvement project has a greater impact on your

Why Is There Condensation On My New Windows?

Over the past eleven years, I have helped thousands of Michigan homeowners replace their old inefficient windows. As a result, I have heard every window replacement complaint in the book. “Your installers had beards and looked scary!” or “I smell caulk in my home and want to know when it will go away?”. In this week’s blog post, I have

Vinyl Windows…How Do You Know Your Getting Quality?

If you are considering replacing the window in your home, chances are you have considered using vinyl windows. Vinyl windows are a very popular choice when it comes to home window replacement. Unlike wood windows that need to be stained and waxed or fiberglass windows that need to be painted, vinyl windows require very little maintenance and even less upkeep. However,