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Window Options…Are You Getting Everything Out Of Your Replacement Windows?

blinds in windowGrowing up we never had a new family car. Like a lot of the clothes I wore as a kid, our family automobiles consisted of your typical hand me down, 100,000+ mile, rust buckets. It wasn’t until I turned 19 and purchased a new car of my own that I discovered what it felt like to ride in a new automobile!

I broke down and purchased a new truck a couple of years ago. To my astonishment, I quickly realized that automobiles today have some pretty cool options. I’m not talking about simple power windows and locks. No, cars today have crazy options like heated and cooled cup holders and windshields that automatically detect rain and turn on the wipers!

Replacement windows for your home may not come with automatic wipers to whisk Mother Nature away but there are a host of other cool options that just might turn a window replacement project into something everyone in the family will enjoy!

Here are 5 replacement window options you may want to consider when replacing the windows in your home…

1. Leaded/Stained Glass

  • Nothing brings out the true beauty of a replacement window quite like leaded or stained glass. First developed by Theophilus Presbyter, a Benedictine Monk in the late 11th century, the art of leaded or stained glass is achieved by joining cut pieces of art glass to form an ornate picture in one or both window panes. Stained glass comes in variety of options including lead, copper, brass and even zinc. If you are looking to create more curb appeal with your new replacement window, consider replacing your foyer windows with leaded glass.

2. Simulated Wood Interiors

  • Let’s face it, most people today don’t enjoy painting or staining windows. Wood is a beautiful material but it requires constant attention. Unless you plan on repainting your wood windows every 4-5 years or bees waxing your real wood interiors once a year, you may want to consider purchasing replacement windows with simulated wood finishes. Simulated wood interiors come in a variety of wood finishes including oak, pine, maple or even bamboo. Best of all, non of these wood finishes ever need to be re-stained or bees waxed because though they look like real wood, they are not!

3. Beveled/Etched Glass

  • An alternative to leaded or stained glass, beveled glass can make a statement all on it own. Beveled/etched glass is created when a design is placed on a glass pane surface using acidic, caustic or abrasive substances. These designs can range from simple to very ornate and will create a beautiful addition to any home window. Traditionally the design is placed on the glass after it is blown or cast, although mold-etching has replaced some forms of surface etching. The removal of small amounts of glass causes the characteristic rough surface and translucent quality most often associated with frosted glass making it a great addition to a bathroom window.

4. Blinds in the Glass

  • Most often found in sliding glass doors, blinds between the panes of glass in a double pane window are a great alternative to the traditional exterior mounted venetian blinds. Not only do these blinds stay out-of-the-way when walking through a sliding glass door or opening a window, they also remain dust and fingerprint free! Interior glass mounted blinds are also safer for your home, typically cordless in nature, these blinds have no tempting features for little kid hands to grab. Having trouble deciding what type of window covering to get for your new windows? Make your life easier and purchase replacement windows with blinds between the glass!

5. Triple Pane Glass

  • When replacing the windows in your home you will have to decide between two window configuration styles; dual or triple pane. There isn’t a replacement window company in business today selling single pane windows. On the other hand, there are only a select few companies in Michigan today offering homeowners the improved performance of triple pane windows. New triple pane windows will typically have U-Factor and Solar Heat Coefficient numbers that are 20-30% lower than similar double pane windows. In addition to higher energy performance numbers, triple pane window also have greater noise reduction coefficients and thus make your home a much quieter place to live!

Replacing the windows in your home doesn’t have to be cut and dry. There are a plethora of window options that can take an ordinary replacement window project and turn it into a fun and enjoyable experience. Pure Energy Window Company is a Family Owned and Operated replacement window company serving all of Southeastern Michigan. We proudly offer Michigan homeowners some of the most efficient TRIPLE PANE windows in the market today.

If your family is considering replacement windows in the next year, give Pure Energy Window Company a call today to schedule a FREE In-Home Window Consultation! We will provide you with a window quote good for 1 Year! Click on the link below or call (844) 449-9990 today!

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