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Home Improvement Splurges…What Would You Do?

home improvement splurgeLast month my family and I took a trip out to sea, an excursion full of excess and gregarious flocking of young wide-eyed kids and sleep deprived parents. Having never been on a cruise before, I thought what better way to get the ball rolling than to take the family on a Disney cruise.

As a child growing up in a working class family, a trip to Disneyland or some exotic destination was about as likely as being struck by lightning! I truly consider myself blessed to have been able to take my family on a trip like this. My children were able to create memories that will last a lifetime.

When it comes to home improvement projects, most of us do only that which needs to be done. The roof is leaking so we put on a new one or the windows are drafty so we replace them. But what if you could do something to your home just because you wanted too…not because you had too but because you thought it would be cool?

Here’s a list of 5 home improvement splurges you may want to consider doing the next time you have a few extra bucks just burning a hole in your pocket…

1. Heated Bathroom Tile

  • Waking up at 5 a.m. for work can be a drag but waking up at 5 a.m. to heated tile is pretty nice! Installing heated bathroom tile is definitely a home improvement splurge but it is also a great investment. Bathrooms and kitchens sell houses and nothing makes a bathroom more inviting than heated tiles warming your every step. The tiles in your bathroom are heating through a process called electric radiant heating. Electric radiant heated tiles are the most commonly used heated tiles in the residential market today and are heated by applying an electric current to a heating element positioned just under the tile itself. Electric radiant heated systems are best covered by ceramic, porcelain or natural stone tiles. All three of these options make excellent temperature conductors while wood doesn’t respond as quickly to temperature change making it not a good choice for this application.

2. Whole Home Central Vacuum System

  • No more dragging your heavy vacuum cleaner up and down stairs and throughout your home. A whole home central vacuum system or simply a central vac, is a great way to increase the resale value of your home while also making your life a little easier! Unlike a traditional vacuum cleaner, which re-circulates vacuumed air back into the living space, central vacs remove 100% of vacuumed debris from the home placing it in storage bin typically located in the basement or garage. A central vac system features convenient inlet ports throughout the house where you can plug-in 25-to-50-foot lightweight vacuum hoses. As mentioned before because most central vac storage bins are located in a basement or garage, vacuuming with a central vacuum system makes less noise than a clothes dryer making it a great tool to use even during your child’s nap time!

3. Steam Shower

  • Nothing says relaxation quite like a steam shower. It’s the end of a long stressful day. You’re tired, achy and just want to chase away the Michigan winter chill! So you push a button in your shower stall, plop yourself down on a custom wood bench, and melt into a soothing cloud of eucalyptus-scented steam penetrating your every pore! Twenty minutes later, you emerge feeling relaxed, renewed and ready for bed. That type of luxury used to require a trip to your local health spa but more and more homeowners are now choosing to re-create this experience right at home by turning their ordinary shower into warm, vapor enriched steam room. Along with the benefits to your skin and sinuses, there’s no standing around waiting for a whirlpool tub to fill or a sauna to heat up—and when you’re done steaming, just turn on the shower for a refreshing rinse. Best of all, steam showers consume very little water. Steaming for 20 minutes consumes a mere 2 gallons of water while even a water-saving shower head sprays about 50 gallons of water in the same period of time.

4. Towel Warming Drawer

  • We recently remodeled our kitchen and the salesman convinced my wife and I to purchase a warming drawer. Makes sense, a drawer my wife can keep food warm instead of having to throw it into the microwave. He told us we could even use the warming drawer to warm up things like towels and socks! Though we have no plans to place dirty socks into our warming drawer, more and more homeowners are choosing to install warming drawers into their bathrooms. After a nice warm shower, nothing is better than wrapping up in a crisp, warm towel straight out of your bathroom warming drawer. A towel warming drawer is a stainless steel, heated drawer that slips into cabinetry in your bathroom and is hardwired into your home’s electrical system. One point of note, bathroom towels take up to 45 minutes to warm up, so you will have to plan ahead to have a toasty one ready when you are!

5. Leaded Glass

  • Over the past 11 years, I have helped thousands of Michigan homeowners replace their windows. However, I can count on one hand the number of times I have sold a customer leaded glass windows.  Most residential homeowners replace their windows for one major reason, energy efficiency. Over the past 20 years, the extraordinary advancements in replacement window technology has led to a record number of homeowners choosing to replace their windows. Sure many homeowners also replace their windows because they are rotting or are difficult to open but quite often it is because the utility bills are too high! If you are considering replacing the windows in your home, you may want to consider adding a leaded glass window to the front of your home. A handcrafted, front-facing leaded glass window may just be the architectural touch your home needs. Combining a rich tradition with modern architectural beauty, a leaded glass window provides instant curb appeal and will set your home apart from most other houses on the block.

Whether you are replacing the roof on your home because it is leaking or installing a towel warming drawer in your bathroom just because you like a warm towel after a hot shower, home improvements are a great way to breath new life into your home. Pure Energy Window Company is a Family Owned and Operated Residential Replacement Window Company servicing all of Southeastern Michigan and Lansing. If replacing the windows in your home is on your Spring To-Do List, give us a call today to schedule a FREE In-Home Window Consultation. We have helped thousands of Michigan homeowners just like you replace their old inefficient windows with new Pure Energy windows! Call (844) 449-9990 or click on the link below to schedule today!



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