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Give Your Kitchen Character…Add a Bay Window

kitchen bay windowThis summer my wife and I have decided to take on the momentous task of building an addition. We have vacillated for over a year now whether to sell our house and build a new one or just add on to the home we have come to love.

In the end we decided to stay in our house and build an addition. This new living space will eventually provide room for a new kitchen which we hope will become the focal point of our home.

Throughout this entire process I have learned many things. Wolf makes ovens that are fit for a King, when the architect says 2 weeks he really means 2 months and windows don’t always have to be ordinary! I have been involved with the window business for over a decade now, helping Michigan homeowners replace the windows in their homes. Time after time, most homeowners choose to merely replace their old windows with the same style and design as before…

But what if we took time to think about what a different style window would mean to a room? This is exactly the question I asked myself when it came to the 6′ wide window above my kitchen sink. Sure a boring slider would fit the hole perfectly but what fun would that be? In the end, I chose to leave the sliding window on the bench and opted for a more eloquently appointed bay window instead!

Here are 5 reasons to consider adding a bay window to your kitchen…

1. Bring In More Light

  • Is your kitchen a dark dungeon? Add a bay window! Nothing creates a more inviting atmosphere quite like natural light. Abundantly filling a room with warmth, natural light will help breath new life into any room in your home. The unique design of a bay window will bring about 35% more light into a room. Protruding from you home, at an angle of 30° – 45°, a bay window will grab Mother Nature’s light and draw it into every inch of your kitchen.

2. Grow Your Own Herbs

  • If your like me and love what herbs can do for food, grow them yourself at home. There are a surprising number of herbs that will thrive as indoor plants. A perfectly positioned bay window will provide ample sun and warmth to grow herbs at home year round. Try chives or dill in a southern facing bay, basil or parsley in an eastern facing bay, Mother Nature’s healer aloe in a western facing bay, or freshening up your breath with mint in a northern facing bay.

3. Create More Space 

  • The number one reason most people decide to take on a full kitchen remodel is to make their kitchen larger. Gone are the days of the walled in, compartmentalized homes. Today homeowners are tearing down walls and raising ceiling heights all in an effort to create more space. But what if you can’t tear down walls are lift the ceiling? Adding a bay window is the next best option. A bay window will make your kitchen feel larger without the headache and dust of new drywall and paint.

4. Set A Proper Mood

  • The most popular place to add a bay window into a kitchen is above the sink. Placing a bay window above your sink is definitely not a bad idea but what if you put it somewhere else? Try add a large bay window next to your nook dinning table. A bay window in the nook will not only bring more light into what is probably your family’s most popular eating location but it will also allow you to look outside while you have your morning coffee.

5. Cheap Face-Lift 

  • Remodeling magazine’s Cost vs Value Report for 2015 says that the average major kitchen remodel costs about $161,000! That is a lot of money to spend on a small portion of your entire home. Try adding a bay window to spring new life into your old kitchen. The average bay window will cost you between $3,000 – $5,000 and can drastically improve the appearance of your old kitchen while not breaking the bank!

Bay windows make beautiful additions to any room in your home. If you are considering remodeling your kitchen, don’t overlook adding a bay window to your plans. At a fraction of the cost of marble counter tops, a bay window will save you money while redefining your kitchen atmosphere.

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