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Getting Your Home Ready for Winter

winterize your homeMichigan is an awesome state to live in, one filled with so many things to see and do. We have the Tigers hitting home runs in the Summer and the Red Wings scoring goals through the Winter. If sports aren’t your thing, then the Detroit Institute of Arts can provide you with hours and hours of beautiful paintings and sculptures.

Living in Michigan however does pose it’s challenges. Unlike many states, Michigan does experience all 4 seasons to their fullest! Sure we have some of the best weather Mother Nature can offer in the Spring, Fall and even Summer but the Winter can leaves us in the dumps. With an average temperature of 30° (2 degrees below freezing) Michigan winters are brutal. Here are few tips to help you prepare your home for Winter this year:

1. Have your furnace inspected

  • Call a local HVAC professional to inspect your furnace and duct work.
  • Have your house duct work cleaned by a professional duct cleaning company.
  • Have a programmable thermostat installed to help regulate your home’s temperature.
  • Make sure the area around your furnace is clean and free of any flammable materials.

2. Prepare plumbing for freezing temperatures

  • Locate water main and shut off all water going to outside spigots.
  • If you have a sprinkler system, have the system professional drained of excess water to prevent underground pipe bursting.
  • Drain all garden hoses before storing for winter.
  • If you go on a Winter vacation, set your house temperature to 55° to prevent your plumbing pipes from freezing.

3. Inspect your windows and doors

  • Replace old weatherstripping around entry doors.
  • If your home has a basement, consider covering the window wells with plastic shields.
  • Replace any broken panes of glass in your windows.
  • If your old windows are drafty replace them with new energy-efficient windows from Pure Energy Window Company.

These are only a few of the many ways you can get your home ready for the Winter season. If new windows are something your family has on the to-do-list, give Pure Energy a call today to set up a Free In-Home Consultation.



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