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Return On Investment?

ROIIn the past few years more and more Michigan homeowners have decided to “Improve Rather Than Move” but what projects have the highest Return on Investment (ROI)?

We all work hard for the money we make and don’t want to waste it doing a project on our home that won’t eventually net us value in the future. When I bought my first home, way back in the 80’s I remember my real estate agent Charlotte telling me that new kitchens and bathrooms are the best investments when it comes to a house. But was she right? At the time I excepted what she said as gospel as I had heard that before. However, 30+ plus years later and a few more homes, it turns out she was only partly correct.

See for the past 13 years Remodeling Magazine has made it easier for homeowners to understand the Return on Investment when it comes to various home improvement projects. They compare the average cost for 36 popular remodeling projects with the value those projects retain at resale in 102 U.S. cities across the country. Lets take a look:

Top 10 Home Improvement Projects for Long Term R.O.I.

  1. Entry Door Replacement (Steel) – 98% R.O.I.
  2. Siding Replacement (cement board) –  83% R.O.I.
  3. Minor Kitchen Remodel – 81% R.O.I.
  4. Siding Replacement (vinyl) – 81% R.O.I.
  5. Garage Door Replacement – 80% R.O.I.
  6. Deck Addition – 80% R.O.I.
  7. Siding Replacement (foam backed vinyl) – 79% R.O.I.
  8. Attic Bedroom Remodel – 79% R.O.I.
  9. Window Replacement – 79% R.O.I.
  10. Minor Bathroom Remodel – 78% R.O.I.

Kitchen and bathroom remodels are on the list but not #1. Replacement windows, with a R.O.I. of 79% put them at number 9 on the list of 36 most popular remodeling projects. When compared to a Major Bathroom remodel (R.O.I. 58%) or Major Kitchen remodel (R.O.I. 59%), replacing your windows will net you some real value if you decide to sell your home.

As you can see from the Cost vs Value Report, replacement windows for your home are a great investment. Not only will your home be worth more once your new window are in but your utility bill will also drop. In only a few short years your new windows will be paid for with the energy savings alone. If you are ready to explore what new windows can do for your home, give Pure Energy a call today.



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