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Are Replacement Windows Important in the Summer?

electric drain in the hot summerA common misconception of homeowners living in cooler climates is that replacement windows are only necessary because winters can be brutal.

While it is true that here in Michigan we spend more than half the year trying to warm our houses, it does not mean that in the summer time we escape the energy crunch. In the hot and humid dog days of our Michigan summers, our cooling bills can be just as expensive or even more expensive than heating bills in the winter. Thus replacement windows are just as important during the hot summer months as they are during the winter.

While homes today are being heated through many alternative sources such as fireplaces and solar energy, when the weather is hot, air conditioning and multiple fans are really the only options that seem to make sense. Both of these things take a huge toll on your wallet when it comes to paying the utility bill.

Homes across the country are using a lot of energy each summer in order to keep their home cool and if their windows are not providing relief from the sun’s beaming rays, it is possible that a lot of money is being wasted in energy bills.

The summer is a perfect time to have your old, inefficient windows replaced with new energy-efficient windows from Pure Energy Window Company. Give us a call today to stop your energy loss!!!


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