Grid Styles for Replacement Windows

Once you decide that your new replacement windows will have grids, you next decision will be what type of grids do you want. Window manufactures offer a plethora of choices when it comes to window grids. Here are few tips to help you navigate these choices: 1. Colonial or Cape Code Style Typically colonial or cape code style homes will  have divided

Should I Keep Grids In My Windows?

A question we often get asked at Pure Energy is “Should I keep grids in my new replacement window?”. The answer to this question is not an easy one. There are however a few things you can consider when trying to answer this question: 1. Do the other homes in your neighborhood have grids in them now? 2. If your neighbors

Screens, Screens, Screens…

The primary function of a screen is to keep insects out of your home. For this reason, window screens are also sometimes referred to as insect or fly screens. Recently, window manufacturers have made a concerted effort to increase the scope of window screen installations. Pure Energy has the latest and greatest when it comes to replacement window screens. Screens