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Grid Styles for Replacement Windows

Colonial GridsOnce you decide that your new replacement windows will have grids, you next decision will be what type of grids do you want. Window manufactures offer a plethora of choices when it comes to window grids. Here are few tips to help you navigate these choices:

1. Colonial or Cape Code Style

Typically colonial or cape code style homes will  have divided light, double-hung windows with six individual square grids on both the top and bottom panes of glass.

2. Prairie Style 

Casement windows are popular with prairie style grids however in recent years double-hung windows have also begun showing up with prairie grids. This grid style is represented by a grid pattern along the sides with a small square pane or light in each corner connected by a longer light along the top and bottom. This grid pattern leaves the middle of the window open for viewing having only the grids on the outer edges.

3. Craftsman Style 

Craftsman-style homes have a mix of full-pane windows on the bottom accented with divided panes on the top. Craftsman style grids are again, most often found on double hung windows. The divided lights on top are generally elongated (vertical), having just three long panes on the upper sash with no cross horizontal running grids.

4. Victorian/Neo-Victorian Style 

The Victorians loved elaborate decorations throughout their homes. Diamond-patterned grids on the top of the window sash with a plain full-glass panel on the bottom best describes this grid style. In addition to diamond grids, this grid style is also indicative of extra enhanced and colored grid patterns.

As you can see, there are many choices to choose from and Pure Energy has just the right professionals to help you navigate through all of these choices. Call Pure Energy today to find the right grid style for your windows!


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