Maintaining Your Replacement Windows

Congratulations, you decided to replace your old inefficient windows with new cutting edge replacements. These new windows will add value to your home while decreasing your energy bills by as much as 30%! Replacing the windows in your home is no small investment making it a great time to learn some techniques that will help prolong the life and look

5 Tips To Spruce Up Your Home This Summer

We all get bored eventually! Bored of the same old car, the same old hair color and even the same old place you get a coffee at every morning. We spend countless hours every day unconsciously looking for something to bring our lives change. Whether we like it or not, change makes us feel alive. Our homes are no different.

Preparing For Spring

It was about the time I got into high school and started thinking I was a pretty cool guy that I realized that my father had missed his calling. Throughout my entire childhood and into my adult years, my Dad worked at a factory. He made metal rollers that lined the floors of military cargo planes. I don’t think he