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Best Places To Live In Michigan


Best City MidlandWhen I was eight years old my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Ramo asked me a simple question. She asked me where I would live if I could live anywhere I wanted. See Mrs. Ramo thought she knew the answer to this question because every kid wanted to live in Florida. Florida was where Mickey Mouse lived and Disney World was the best place on Earth. My response however couldn’t have been further from what she expected my little mouth to say…

I told my teacher, that if I could live anywhere I wanted, I would surely move to Belding, Michigan. With the biggest smile on my face, I proceeded to explain to Mrs. Ramo that Belding was where my Grandparents lived and that was where I got to eat as many homemade Long Johns as my stomach could hold!

There wasn’t and still isn’t anything truly spectacular about Belding, Michigan. With a census population of 5,757 and a community of mostly farmers. Belding garnishes most of its yearly notoriety from the Gus Macker Basketball Tournament that brings nearly 100,000 people to Belding every year!

Today I still love Long Johns and Belding is still a pretty cool little town but not the “Best” place to live in Michigan. Lucky for us though real research has been done and the results are in. Here is the list of Top 5 places to live in Michigan.

1. Midland

  • With a crime rate 53% below the state average and a median household income of $48,843, 5% above the state average, Midland is a pretty awesome place to live. Midland is also home to Dow Chemical and they have made cool places like the Dow Gardens and Dow Diamond Baseball Park.

2. Novi

  • The median household income in Novi is $80,151 which is 73% higher than the state average. If shopping is something you like to do, Novi is jam packed full of great places to get your retail therapy. Home values in Novi are 93% higher than the state average making it a great place to own a home.

3. Canton

  • Home values in Canton are 91 percent higher than the Michigan average and the crime rate is 39% lower than the state average. If these 2 figures are not enough to convince you that Canton belongs at #3 on the list, it’s unemployment rate is only 2.5% and the median household income is a whopping $85,444, 85% higher than the state average.

4. Portage

  • Homes in Portage are valued at 15% above the state average with a median household income of $55,936 which is still 1% above the state average. Portage also has many terrific community amenities to offer its residents.

5. Ann Arbor

  • Residential homes in Ann Arbor are valued at 78% above the state average. Ann Arbor is home the University of Michigan making it a great place to get an education. Crime is slightly below the state average and the cost of living is only 7.6% above the state average.

Now that you know some awesome places to live in Michigan, go find a place to put down your roots. If you already own a home in one of these great cities, Pure Energy may be able to help you make it an even better place to live. New windows will make your utility bills go down and your home comfort go up. Give Pure Energy Window Company a call today to set up a Free In-Home Consultation.


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