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What Window Coverings Fits My Windows Best?

window coveringsFor over a decade I have been helping Michigan homeowners replace their old windows. I guess you could sum up these past eleven years with a quote from my father. He always said that he knew a little about a lot but not enough about one thing to be considered dangerous!

These past eleven years have given me the opportunity to learn a lot about many different subjects. I have had the pleasure to meet many different people including a lady who was a professional embroiderer, a guy that built models for a living and even a female proctologist!

About a week ago however, I met a lady who has given me the ability to speak intelligently about a subject I often get asked about, window coverings.

For years customers would ask me questions about window coverings and my answer has always the same. “You should probably call someone more qualified than me.” Today however, I feel that I am more qualified than ever to help homeowners make these surprisingly difficult decisions. Here are a few questions to consider when choosing the right window coverings.

 1. What is the purpose of the room?

  • Every room in our home has a purpose. Whether it’s the living room where life is happening or the bedroom where life takes a break, every room serves a purpose in our lives.
  • While we may want to use heavy draperies in a theater/media room for their sound deadening quality, a blackout shade with silk panels may be better suited for a master bedroom.

2. How will the window you are covering be used?

  • Will the window you are attempting to cover be used a lot or just occasionally? If this window is going to be used many times through the year (cross breeze window)  it would be smart to use an easy-to-lift covering.

3. Is privacy important?

  • If privacy is important on a particular window, you may want to splurge and buy window covering with privacy lining.

4. What is the room décor?

  • Even if your not the next Ralph Lauren, every room in your home has a décor. Whether it’s glam, airy or even retro, make sure the window covering you choose fits the room décor.

Window coverings are like the sprinkles on top of that almost perfect ice cream cone. With the right window covering, a room can go from okay to awesome in two seconds flat!

Here at Pure Energy Window Company we know that nothing goes better with new window coverings than all new WINDOWS!

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