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Window Replacement and Window Installation in Novi Michigan | Energy Efficient Home Windows, Doors & Attic Insulation from Pure Energy Window Company

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Premium Window Replacement and Energy Efficient Window Installation Services in Novi, MI | The Best Windows, Doors and Customer Service in Michigan!

Have your energy bills been going up and you’re unsure why? Has it been a long time since your home got new windows? If you think your home is ready to get replacement windows, then Pure Energy Window Company in Novi, MI can help.

Our window company serves residents of Novi by replacing and installing energy-efficient windows. Pure Energy wants to help homeowners lower their energy bills and live more sustainable, efficient lifestyles and we offer a range of solutions to help you meet that goal.

In addition to windows, we also install sliding glass doors, entry doors, patio doors, and more. As a trusted window replacement company in Novi, we’ve worked on countless homes and helped residents lower their utility bills.

Novi’s Trusted Window Replacement Company

At Pure Energy Window Company, Novi residents will find a window company they can rely on. Our top priority is always giving our customers the best experience possible, so you’ll get unparalleled customer service in addition to high-quality replacement windows. We’ll help you achieve a more energy-efficient home, whether that means installing new windows or refitting your sliding glass doors.

When you work with us, you can trust that our experts are the ones doing the job. We don’t use subcontractors because we wouldn’t trust anyone else to deliver the same quality as we do – and neither should you! We’ve established Pure Energy Window Company as a trusted name in Novi because we’re transparent about our work.

We truly believe that you deserve to have the best windows and doors in your home, and to have superior heating and cooling solutions. When you’re ready to find a window company in Novi that you can trust, give Pure Energy a call.

Entry Door Replacement and Installation in Novi

What does your home’s front door say about you? Does it show off your personal style, or make visitors feel welcome and invited? A home’s entry door has a significant impact on how it appears to outsiders, and the perfect front door gives the right impression.

Entry doors are about more than looks, however. A front door should also protect your home from nasty weather, pests, and any other unwelcome intrusions. Additionally, when a front door isn’t fitted properly, it will let heat escape and drive up your energy bills.

Sliding Glass Door Installation in Novi, MI

Sliding glass doors transform both your interior and exterior spaces. They let more natural light into your home and easily connect your yard or patio to your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or other interior room. If they aren’t installed properly, however, sliding glass doors can be the cause of excessive heat transfer, which will increase your energy bills.

If you’re considering adding or replacing a sliding glass door in your Novi home, Pure Energy Window Company can install it and ensure it’s energy-efficient.

When you choose a sliding glass door from us, we can guarantee quality, safety, and visual appeal. Each of our sliding glass doors has a one-inch IGU glass package, stainless steel spacer system, and a custom-fit interlock system. The high-performance glass will still allow light into your home without the heat from the sun’s rays. Each door is also easy to slide open and shut, with a secure locking system.

We use Next Generation PureCore composite glass in all our sliding glass doors, complete with fusion-welded panels. A door from Pure Energy will reduce heat transfer and meet or exceed ENERGY STAR standards for the state of Michigan.

Sliding glass doors with Pure Energy are also fully customizable. We have a variety of color and finish combinations you can choose from, including six elegant interior wood finishes.

Customize Your Sliding Glass Door

Pure Energy Window Company offers a variety of front doors to help you better protect your home. Each is fully customizable with different colors, materials, finishes, and optional hardware so you can make it your own. We even offer doors with an authentic wood look, without the hassle of maintaining a real wood door. Our doors also have polyurethane foam-filled cores for more energy efficiency and are resistant to warping, cracking, and splitting. Each door also comes with a reinforced locking system for enhanced security.

Saving you more energy with 3 panes of glass

Pure Energy specializes in Triple Pane, Pure Core window technology

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Higher R-Factors Improve Energy Performance
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Higher Return on Investment

Energy-Efficient Window Installation in Novi, MI

Your windows play a big role in your home’s heating and cooling, and they can be responsible for a jump in utility bills. Poor-quality windows that contain no weather stripping properties will allow heat transfer, so heat escapes your home more easily in winter and enters your home in summer. As a result, your heating and cooling systems must work overtime to maintain a comfortable interior temperature.

When your home has energy-efficient windows, heat doesn’t transfer so easily, and condensation is reduced. At Pure Energy Window Company, we offer top-of-the-line energy-efficient windows to homes throughout Novi. We supply PureCore windows, which have full-perimeter, high-performance weather stripping to provide you with the best protection possible against Michigan’s harsh weather patterns.

Our Next Generation uiPVC windows are coated in two layers of Low-E coating, which keeps out the heat of the sun’s rays while still allowing light to come into your home. These windows are also coated in two layers of argon gas, an odorless, motionless gas that helps prevent heat transfer, soundproof your home, and eliminate condensation and frost on your windows. Our PureCore windows are among the most energy-efficient on the market, and our experts know exactly how to install them so you can get the most out of them.

Are there any signs to look for indicating that you need replacement windows? How can you tell if it’s time to get new windows? Some of the most common reasons Novi homeowners replace their windows are:

  • Their windows are more than a few decades old
  • They want to boost their curb appeal
  • They want windows that bring in more natural light
  • They want to reduce their energy bills

Windows should be replaced after 20-25 years typically, unless they’ve suffered severe storm damage. Generally, after you replace your windows, they last as long as you live in your home. Windows also contribute significantly to a home’s esthetic appeal, and the style of windows can transform a home’s exteriors and interiors dramatically. Many homeowners choose to get new windows because they want a change in their home’s style.

Poor-quality windows don’t let as much natural light into your home, and you may not even realize it. Replacing your old windows so that you get more sunlight but less heat is a smart decision. Homeowners all over Novi and southeastern Michigan are also turning toward energy-efficient windows so they can lower their utility bills and make their homes more sustainable.

When you’re considering new windows, for whatever reason, you can speak with the experts at Pure Energy and we’ll happily advise on the best type of windows for your home.

New Windows for Your Novi Home

At Pure Energy Window Company in Novi, we provide a range of window solutions. When you want to improve your home’s energy efficiency, we have several window types for you to choose from. Each of our windows is fully customizable as well, allowing you to match your home’s style.

When you’re imagining new windows for your Novi home, don’t let constraints limit you. At Pure Energy Window Company, we have a wide range of window replacements and solutions that will fit your style, preferences, and budget. And no matter which type of window you choose, you can be confident that it will promote energy efficiency.

We use PureCore windows for all of our installations and replacements. PureCore is a trusted brand the prioritizes high quality and low energy consumption. Each window comes with a fusion-welded frame resistant to rotting and warping. They also contain high-performance thermal glass to reduce heat transfer. Our window experts can customize each PureCore window to meet your needs, with different interior finishes and exterior colors.

Bay and bow windows protrude from your home, providing either a large window seat or a smaller window ledge. These types of windows give your home character, extend the space of any room, and allow more light in. They make a great focal point for any living room, bedroom, dining room, or study. Our PureCore bay and bow windows come in hundreds of interior and exterior colors, and we can do six beautiful wood grain variations.

To add a box window that sits in your home’s interior, casement and awning windows are perfect. They help to emphasize a certain point in the room and create a ledge to place items on. Many of our Novi customers add casement windows to their kitchens. Our PureCore casement and awning windows use R-Core insulation and pre-expanded high-density polyurethane foam to minimize heat transfer as much as possible.

With double-hung windows, you get one window fitted on top of another, with the lower window closer to the interior and the upper closer to the exterior. Only the lower window opens, moving up and down. Novi homeowners love double-hung windows because they’re a classic choice, being easy to operate and letting in tons of natural light. Our double-hung PureCore windows have fin and pile weather stripping on the sash and the mainframe to protect your home from unwanted dust, air, and moisture.

Double slider windows work like double-hung windows, but the inner window slides left and right rather than up and down. These windows also provide your home with more natural light and are a maintenance-free alternative to industry-standard sliding window units. The PureCore double slider windows from Pure Energy all have patented Q-Lon weather stripping to maximize energy efficiency without preventing you from opening and closing the window smoothly.

When you want a sliding window option for an opening wider than 72 inches, the end vent slider window is ideal. End vent sliders are similar to casement windows but tend to be more cost-effective, making them a popular choice among Novi homeowners. Each PureCore end vent slider window has 7/8-inch high-efficiency glass and 2 or 3 panes of double-strength glass for better insulation.

Garden windows protrude entirely from the home, creating a sort of box made entirely of glass panes. This type of window provides unobstructed views to your garden, yard, or patio and the full glass panes allow more light to pass through. Our PureCore garden windows all come with optional tempered glass interior shelves to provide a second surface on which to place plants or herbs.

Update your look and energy-efficiency with durable entry doors and storm doors

At Pure Energy, we also provide patio doors that help promote energy efficiency and make your home look great. Like our entry doors, each patio door is fully customizable to your preferences and installed by experts.

When you’re ready to replace your entry door, you can choose from several options at Pure Energy:

Our Heritage fiberglass doors are one of our most popular choices in Novi, as they’re engineered to stay intact and avoid dents, splits, or cracks for years to come.

For a front door that adds distinct character, choose our Legacy steel entry door. They’re cut from a continuous piece of 20-gauge steel to better maintain your home’s interior temperature year-round.

Novi homeowners that want a durable door with a hardwood effect can choose our Signet fiberglass door. It enhances your home’s visual appeal while providing high-performance weatherproofing.

A storm door can add another layer of security to your home against the harsh Michigan climate. The Decorator storm door from Pure Energy is 20% thicker than the industry standard and it comes with corrosion-proof gussets for durability.

A Deluxe storm door provides your home with the ultimate protection. Each one has a double bottom sweep to eliminate drafts and a BetterVue fiberglass insect screen.

Our DuraGuard door is our best option for weather protection, as it comes with a stainless steel screen.

The Spectrum storm door comes with an InVent retractable screen system, tempered safety glass, and a triple-seal bottom sweep. It’s also a fully customizable storm door that can make your home stylish.

Novi residents choose our Superview storm door to enhance their curb appeal. It helps protect against severe weather with a mesh screen and aluminum frame.

Novi's Top-Rated Window Installation Service | Pure Energy Windows

We’ve served over 4,000 customers in 149 cities across southeastern Michigan, and our clients continue to value our dedication to customer service. Pure Energy Window Company isn’t in business just to sell you windows. We operate our company so that we can make your life a little bit better. When you read our many testimonials and reviews, one theme stands out: our friendly, efficient, professional service. When exemplary products are paired with attentive customer service, it’s hard for customers to ignore.

Why Novi Loves Pure Energy Window Company

Residents of Novi keep choosing Pure Energy for their window installation and replacement needs because we put customers first. We give homeowners a better alternative for energy-efficient windows. We combine high-performance products with great care and attention to detail, which makes our customers come back again and again. At Pure Energy, we’re not just in business to sell you windows. We want to help you achieve an energy-efficient home.

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