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5 Ways To Create Curb Appeal

Growing up, my mother always told me it’s what’s inside that really counts. As an overweight kid, I didn’t always share her sentiment…Like a bruised apple thrown into the garbage before its cut, most kids never got to know the really me. Maybe if I had some designer jeans or a Starter jacket they might have given me the time of day 🙂

When it comes to our homes, like my childhood experiences, the outside is where we are judged. Lucky for us there are a few simple and even relatively inexpensive ways to spruce up the curb appeal of our homes.

Curb appeal door1. Change The Front Door on Your Home

  • There is no better way to change the way the front of your home looks than to install a new entry door. There are hundreds of different doors available to give your home more charm and character. You can keep it basic with a white steel entry door or go extravagant with a custom mahogany door with leaded glass.

curb appeal edging 2. Edge Both Sides of The Driveway

Like outlining a picture before your color it, edging on either side of your driveway gives it a nice clean look. There a numerous materials available for driveway edging including bricks, pavers, stones or a combination of all three.



curb appeal lighting3. Install Landscape Low Voltage Lighting

Low voltage lights that lead to your entryway welcome friends and guests after dark while also increasing the safety of your home. Soft exterior lighting also makes your home appear more inviting and friendly, while also accenting the landscaping around your home. These lights also greatly improve security by reducing dark spots around your house.

curb appeal garage door4. Install a New Garage Door

Upgrading your old  garage door with a vibrant color or engaging design can dramatically improve the way your home looks. Garage doors, like the entry door to your home, come in many styles and designs. Many new garage doors are also insulated and thus add energy efficiency to your home.

curb appeal window 5. Install New Windows

By installing new windows into your home, you will not only increase the curb appeal but also the energy efficiency. Replacement window come in a variety of different materials that will suit any installation project. With today’s new technologies, new windows are sure to not only make your home look great but feel and sound better than ever.


Making just a few small changes can result in some awesome curb appeal. If you want the look of a million dollar home without breaking the bank, these 5 suggestion should do the trick. If you are considering new windows for your home, Pure Energy Window Company can help you navigate this project.

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