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3 Reasons To Insulate Your Home This Year

insulationThe United States Department of Energy agrees that properly insulating your home not only reduces heating and cooling costs, but it also improves the overall comfort of your home. So why are so few Michigan homes properly insulated?

Most Michigan homeowners suffer from what I like to refer to as, the uninformed procrastination syndrome. The vast majority of people are just that, uninformed! We as a human race take very little time each day to educate ourselves on the World around us. Spending more time chasing Pokemon around town, the idea of learning about proper insulation just seems boring!

Those of us that do happen to learn about the benefits of a properly insulated home, often choose to ignore these benefits as we know they take time and upfront money we don’t want to spend. So we put off installing new windows or insulating the attic for another day, all along losing more and more energy every day we wait!

Here are 3 reasons to stop suffering from the uninformed procrastination syndrome and insulate your home today.

1. Insulation Saves Your Money

  • I remember when I was probably around 10 years old my parents started giving me a regular allowance. Provided I performed my weekly tasks, they would give me $2.00 every Friday. I can also remember that as soon as these green dollars touched my little hands they would remind me to save my money. Like most kids however this money was spent in my head even before I had earned it.
  • The problem of spending money as soon as we get it doesn’t end as we grow into adults. The “I love to spend and hate to save” problem plaques many people their entire life. But what if we can spend and save all in one perfect transaction?
  • By properly insulating your home, you will be able to spend your hard-earned dollars on something that will save you money over time. As much as 50% of your home’s energy lose is due to an improperly insulated attic space! That is a lot of wasted money literally going up into thin air!
  • Want to cut your utility bill in half? Replacing your old inefficient windows with new State of the Art, high-efficiency windows coupled with a properly insulated attic will reduce your utility outlay each and every month. It is an all around success when we can spend money to save money all while making our homes a better place to live.

2. Insulation Brings Peace and Quite

  • When I was a kid growing up in Redford, Michigan the neighbor behind us had a dog named Buddy. If you have ever seen the movie Sandlot you know what kind of dog Buddy was.  He was as big as our house and had a bark that could wake up everyone on the block. I can vividly remember my Dad being so angry when he was left outside for extended periods of time only to bark at everything that walked past him. This went on throughout my entire childhood as I think Buddy must have been born the same year I was. Year end and year out Buddy’s thunderous bark filled our house like a loud rock song set on repeat.
  • As the years passed, I often found myself wondering why my Dad didn’t do something to silence the bark? I don’t mean shooting the dog, although he threatened that a number of time but rather something to the house to insulate against the noise. Anyone who knew me a kid, knew I had bad ears! I spent the better part of my childhood sitting inside an insulated cube doing hearing tests. These Noise Reduction Chambers blocked out all outside noise and created an environment quite unlike any place you have ever been. So why couldn’t my Dad make our house insulated like one of these boxes?
  • In the end, my parents never did quiet Buddy down and he eventually passed away at the old age of 13. So what could my parents have done? Well, to start they could have replaced the windows in the house. My parents windows were single pane and did very little to knock down outside noise. Most windows that are 20+ years old, have very little noise reduction technology not to mention are probably very inefficient. Today’s windows are insulated better than ever, providing an extra layer of noise reduction once though impossible in the window industry. Some high-end windows are even fitted with 3 panes of double strength glass to further the noise reduction capabilities.

3. Insulation Prevents Ice Dams 

  • Have you ever seen large stalactite hanging from the roofs of  your neighbors? Icicles so large that they hung from the roof and almost touched the ground? Well, these large and frankly cool looking ice formations are a direct result of a poorly insulated attic space. I know better than most that heat rises. As a kid growing up with my parents, my room was the entire upstairs of our 1,000 square foot bungalow. Every summer my room turned into a sauna as the unbearable heat from the entire house would slowly leach its way in. By about 5pm, unless you wanted to sweat off a few pounds, my room was basically off-limits.
  • So here is the problem. When all that heat and warm air leaks from the living space below it eventually melts the snow, which in turn runs down to the colder edge of the roof (above the eaves) and re-freezes creating ice sculptures on your home.  Every inch of snow that accumulates on the roof insulates the roof deck that much more. This keeps more heat in the attic, which in turn makes the roof even warmer and melts more snow. Michigan’s frigid outdoor temperatures ensure a fast and deep freeze at the eaves. The worst ice dams usually occur when a large amount of snow are followed by very cold temperatures.
  • Accounting for more than half of all insurance claims, ice dams cause millions of dollars of structural damage to Michigan homes each and every year. However, unlike many things we can not prevent from happening, ice dams are very easy to prevent provided you take the right steps today.
  • By increasing the amount of insulation you have in your attic space, you will in effect insulate your home and drastically lower your chances of ice dams forming. The more insulation you have in your attic the better. The insulation in your attic acts as a blanket against the artificially created warm air in your home. By block this warm air back into your home, the snow on your roof will remain unmelted and thus unable to create ice dams.

The 2016 edition of the Cost vs Value Report put out by Remodeling Magazine states the Return on Investment for attic insulation is 117%! That is right, if you spend $4,000 to insulate your home, you could expect to add $4,680 in value. What a great investment! Don’t spend another year living in a house or condo that is too warm in the summer and too cold in the winter!

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