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10 Things You Should Know About Replacement Windows

window replacement It doesn’t matter whether you are considering replacing the windows in your home this year or sometime in the future, here are 10 things you should consider before taking the plunge!

1. New windows save you money.

  • Leaky and inefficient windows may be causing you to spend more on your utility bills than you should be. The windows in your home account for as much as 40% of your overall energy bill each month. If your windows are not performing at a high level, this could mean a lot of wasted money!

2. New windows open easier. 

  • Whether you like to keep your windows squeaky clean or just prefer fresh air, the old windows in your home may be preventing you from enjoying these things. Today’s replacement windows are easier than ever to open and close making it easy to keep them clean for years to come. Many replacement window designs simply rotate in the frame allowing for easy access to outer panes of glass for cleaning.

3. New windows sound better.

  • Unless you enjoy hearing your neighbor’s dog barking at 5 a.m., replacement windows will help cut outside noise to a low rumble. Gone are the days of single and even double pane windows. High efficiency windows today have up to 4 panes of glass to help filter unwanted outside noise and increase the overall noise reduction coefficient.

4. New windows protect your flooring.

  • Have you ever looked at the floor just inside your old sliding glass door? Chances are it has faded over years and years of magnified sun exposure. The old windows in our homes have nothing more than clear glass in them. This clear glass allows 100% of the sun’s damaging UV rays into our home. Replacement windows today are coated with a thin metallic coating that reflects as much as 95% of sun’s UV rays out. This metallic coating or Low-E (Low-Emissivity) as it is referred to, will help protect your floor and keep it looking new for many years.

5. New windows have practical handles.

  • Tired of window cranks interfering with window treatments? Today’s ergonomically designed casement and awning windows are equip with fold-down handles that provide ample clearance for blinds, shades and window treatments. Handles on both double hungs and sliders are also larger giving homeowners more meat to grab a hold of when opening them up.

6. New windows make your home look…NEW! 

  • Looking for a way to breath new life into your 20-year-old home? New windows can help! Today’s replacement windows come in more styles and colors than ever. You can lower your utility bills and freshen up the look of your home all in one simple home improvement project. While you’re at it, you can add shutters to street facing windows to give them more character or even install new windows into areas where windows didn’t exist before.

7. New windows make your home more secure. 

  • As I have mentioned in countless blog articles over the past year, a large percentage of home invasions occur because of faulty windows. If the windows in your home don’t lock properly or come loose with even the slightest tug, you should consider replacing them before your stuff becomes someone else’s stuff. Replacement windows today securely close and seal with State of the Art locking mechanisms that can help prevent even the most seasoned criminal from entering your home.

8. New windows add value to your home.

  • Looking to add some cold hard cash value to your home? The Cost vs Value Report in Remodeling Magazine states that window replacement has a return on investment of 73%. This means that 73% of whatever you spend on replacement windows will be added to the overall value of your home. This is pretty impressive considering a major kitchen remodel, what most people consider to be the Crown Jewel of home improvement return, only has a return on investment of 61%!

9. New windows can make you money.

  • If you have been considering replacing the windows in your home, now is great time to do it. DTE and Consumers Energy are still giving energy rebates. DTE and Consumers Energy will each give you $15 per window you replace and $40 per doorwall but only for a limited time. Once DTE and Consumers Energy run out of money your out of luck! In addition to the utility rebates you may also be eligible to receive tax credits from the Federal Government. There has never been a more incentivized time to purchase new windows for your home.

10. New windows make your neighbors jealous! 

  • Sure so does a new gourmet kitchen but like I said earlier, new windows add more value to your home. Be the first person on your block to replace those hideous, inefficient builder grade windows we new energy-efficient windows from Pure Energy Window Company. Once you get your new windows installed and see the power of Triple Pane, you will have your neighbors drooling. When they ask you who did your windows, you will proudly say Pure Energy and give them our number. Make sure they mention your name when they schedule an appointment because we give you a $200 referral bonus if they decide to buy!

These are only 10 of the many awesome reasons to replace the windows in your home. Don’t go another cold winter with your old, inefficient windows. Call Pure Energy Window Company today to schedule a FREE In-Home window consultation with one of our no-pressure window experts. Call (844) 449-9990 or click on the link below to get started TODAY!

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