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5 Ways To Beat the Heat in the Motor City

beat the heatAbout 4 years ago my father and his girlfriend moved to Arizona. If you ask him today what he thinks about the place he will tell you that Arizona is where people go to die! In some strange way, I think he is correct. See, most Michigan residents spend their entire lives complaining about how bad our winters are. Icy roads and endless snow make most winters in Michigan about as enjoyable as a root canal. Arizona on the other hand receives very little snow each year with Tucson, where my Dad lives, getting a whopping .3″ for the entire year! Sure would be nice to live in a place like that…Or would it?

Arizona is lamb basted every year with more than 100 days of daytime temperatures over 100°! So before you start packing your bags and gathering your toiletries, you might want to second guess this move. In case you don’t already know, the state of Michigan is blesses to experience 4 seasons every year. Each of these seasons brings new life to our wonderful state. Whether it is sledding in the winter with your kids or playing in giants mountains of crimson colored leaves in the fall, Michigan has a season for everyone to enjoy no matter what your temperature preference may be.

My favorite season is the Fall. Fall in Michigan is a beautiful time. Our trees are changing color and the temperature is just right! If you ask my kids however, they will tell you Summer is the best time of the year in Michigan. I am sure this has something to do with no school but it is also because the summer brings trips to the beach and who doesn’t love the beach. Unlike Arizona, actual temperatures in Michigan rarely get above 100°. The key word however is “actual”, as Michigan is a very humid state. A humid 85° day in Metro Detroit  quickly start to feel like a 110° day in Arizona.

Here are 5 Ways To Beat the Heat in the Motor City

1. Make Your Own Popsicles

  • This is something everyone can enjoy! Nothing beats the heat like an ice-cold stick of flavored goodness. Popsicles, invented in 1905 by 11-year-old Frances William Epperson, have long been a staple in freezers across America. Epperson created the first popsicle on accident when he left a wooden stick in a bucket of soda over night and temperatures reached record lows freezing the soda to the stick. You too can create your own popsicles with very little effort.  Even the most novice of builders can create wonderful popsicles. First choose your favorite fruit juice and pour it into a small or large (we won’t judge you) waxed paper cup. A deli cup works awesome! Freeze the juice over night with a wooden craft stick stuck in the middle. Unwrap in the morning for a breakfast of champions 🙂

2. Go To The Pool

  • When I was a kid growing up my best friend, who lived only a few house down from me, had a pool. We would spend hours and hours everyday, swimming in that pool until our skin began to wrinkle. Today, my family and I live in a subdivision that doesn’t have a single pool. There are however a number of great public pool choices if you find yourself in the same predicament. In Belleville, kids and parents alike will have fun at Turtle Cove Family Aquatic Center. Located in Lower Huron Metro Park, Turtle Cove as been a fan favorite in my household for many years. Looking for something a little less dramatic? Try taking a dip in the pool at Novi High School. You won’t find any water slides or a hot tub but the atmosphere is great and the pool is clean. Open every day 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. to the public with extended hours during the summer.

3. Go To The Michigan Science Center

  • Formally known as the Detroit Science Center, the Michigan Science Center is the great place to beat the summer heat in Metro Detroit. The Michigan Science Center features live stage shows, an IMAX® Dome Theater, a Planetarium, 250+ hands-on exhibits and much, much more. Fun for all ages, the Michigan Science Center strives to inspire curious minds of all ages to discover, explore and appreciate science, technology, engineering and math in a creative, dynamic learning environment. As a kid my father took my brother and I here quite often and I truly believe it is the reason I enjoy science so much today. Teach your kids that science is cool!

4. Get Some Retail Therapy

  • Michigan is packed full of beautifully appointed and aesthetically pleasing malls to quench your need for retail therapy. Feeling strained because it is a billion degrees outside and your kids won’t go outside? Take the family to the mall and spend a few hours in the air-conditioned halls of retail madness. You can finish up school shopping or splurge on a new watch. Whatever you choose to do, the mall can provide that needed break from the summer heat. FYI Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi is home to Michigan’s first American Girl Store. Act now however, as this store is temporary and is slated to move out of the mall January 31st, 2017.

5. Replace The Window In Your Home

  • You didn’t think I was going to talk about beating the heat this summer without talking about replacing your windows did you? A couple of days ago I was in a customer’s home to speak with them about replacing their windows. The entire time I was at there, I don’t remember their air conditioner shutting off. The windows in their home were thermal pane windows (2 panes of glass) but they were merely clear glass with nothing but air between them. Today’s high efficient, EnergyStar rated windows help protect your home from the scorching sun and all its damaging effects. By replacing your windows, your home will become a more comfortable place to live while also saving you bundles of money on your utility bills.

Summer time in Michigan can at times be unbearable. The heat and humidity can drive you crazy! Before you fall off the deep end make a plan to beat the heat. With proper planing Michigan can be an awesome place live all year round.

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