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Windows Help Keep Your Home Warm Through The Winter

replacement windows winterLast weekend I bit the bullet and decided to take my entire family to see a Detroit Red Wings game. I say “bit the bullet” because it cost me a cool $300 to see the Red Wings skate to victory against the Edmonton Oilers 4-3.

It had been about 10 years since my last in-person encounter with the men of the “Winged Wheel”, and it was truly an awesome experience! I ate a delicious “not in my diet” hotdog, I listened to Karen Newman belt out the National Anthem and even managed to high five the dirtiest hand I think I have ever seen!

It wasn’t till my eight year old son asked me how they keep the ice from melting even though it was warm in the arena, that I decided what to write about today.

The average temperature in a National Hockey arena is between 50-60 degrees. As you could image 50-60 degrees isn’t a very warm temperature and hardly a place anyone would enjoy spending 3-4 hours of their life.

At a hockey game however, we stay warm because of the all the jumping and screaming we do. All of that energy helps to keep your body warm inside the arena where cold temperatures are needed to maintain the icy playing surface.

So why am I talking about hockey and not windows? Well, at $300 for a family of 4 to go to a Red Wing game, most of us watch the game at home. If you watch the Red Wing game at home with only your body heat to warm the room, chances are you may be cold if you don’t have new Energy Efficient windows.

Old inefficient windows in your home help keep your home an icebox in the winter and a sauna through the summer. Unless you are breeding boa constrictors in your living room, you should be able to watch television without a sweatband!

Replacing your windows is a great way to bring comfort back to your home. Here are just a few reasons to replace your windows this year.

1. Clearer View

On average a homeowner in Michigan waits upwards of 5 years or more before they fix a window with a broke seal. This means 5 years of looking through a cloudy mess. New windows will once again allow you to see the world beyond your home.

2. Easy of Operability

Have you ever gone to a window and tried to open it only to find you need a steroid prescription to get it to budge? Opening your windows shouldn’t be work. New windows will open and close like butter and allow fresh air to flow through your home.

3. Energy Efficiency

This is a pretty obvious one but worth mentioning. Our homes lose a tremendous amount of energy through the windows. Poorly insulated windows can result in utility bills that are 30% higher than they should be. Energy savings alone will help pay for the new replacement windows in no time.

4. Make Your Home Look Fresh

Contrary to popular belief, old rotting wood windows don’t make your home look good. A professionally installed and properly insulated replacement window will give your home a much needed facelift. Like a new neck tie to go with an old suite, new windows give your home the character it once had.

5. Add Value

Replacement window for your home have a great return on investment. Nearly 79% of what you spend on new windows will be added to the value of your home. When compared to major bathroom remodel which has a return on investment of only 58%, replacement windows are a great way to add value to your home.

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