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Windows Open In Many Different Ways

Last night I attend our company Holiday party, a joyous get together filled with delicious food and festive company. As I enjoyed my wonderfully prepared lamb chops it occurred to me that the restaurant was filled with many different people with just as many different reasons why they were at dinner this night. Some people where there to celebrate the holidays just like my wife and I while others were on a date or even enjoying a nice family dinner.

Replacement windows are a lot like the patrons at a restaurant, many different types with multiple objectives. Most people pay little attention when it comes to the windows in their home. Unless they are difficult to open or the subject of a future home improvement project, our windows are little more than a gateway to the world beyond our homes.

If replacing the windows in your home is on your “To-Do List”, you will have a lot of fun and exciting decisions to make. Provided you don’t live in a condo where your windows must remain the same, replacing the windows in your home will provide you the opportunity to change the style and even the size of your existing windows. Choosing the right windows for your home will not only increase the energy efficiency of your home but they will also give your home a fresh updated look.

Windows open in many different ways…here is a brief description of five basic replacement window styles you may want to choose from:

solid window1. Solid (Non-Opening Window)

  • Just as the name implies, a solid window is a window that does not open. Often times used as focal point windows on the front of a home, solid windows provide the greatest amount of viewing area as they are not burdened by an obtrusive mesh screen. Solid windows are also the most energy-efficient windows you can purchase as they are factory sealed on all four corners thus bringing air infiltration rates down to almost zero.

casement window2. Casement Window

  • Similar to a solid window, casement windows are composed of uninterrupted glass panes seated in a frame and are often found on the front of homes. Unlike, solid windows however, casement windows are equip with a cranking mechanism that allows the operator to crank or open the window. Casement windows crank from left to right or right to left along a vertical position. Casement windows are often used in areas where lifting or sliding a window will be difficult due the placement of the window such as over a kitchen sink.

awning casement3. Awning Casement Window

  • Again, similar to a solid and casement windows, awning casement style windows are made up of solid panes of glass inside a specific framing material. Unlike a casement window however that opens along a vertical position, an awning casement cranks from the bottom to the top along a horizontal position. Most awning casement windows will also only open about a third of the way while casement windows will open to a full 90 degree angle.

double hung4. Double/Single Hung Window

  • Double or single hung windows are composed of two partially overlapping panes of glass that slide up and down within the window frame. Double hung windows allow the user to slide both the top and bottom sashes independently. Single hung windows however, only give the user the ability to open the bottom of the window while the top sash is permanently attached the window main frame. Both double and single hung windows give the homeowner the ability to rotate the sashes into the home for cleaning purposes.

double slider window5. Double/Single Slider Window

  • Double or single slider windows are essentially like a double or single hung windows turned on their side. Instead of moving up and down, sliding windows operate left to right in a horizontal fashion within the window frame. Unlike double/single hung windows that rotate in for cleaning however, sliding windows most often lift-in manually for cleaning.



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