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Your Replacing Your Windows…How Will Your Install Go?

window installI remember the first time I realized that not everyone can do the same things the same way. Growing up my Dad would take my brother and I to get a slice of pizza from Silvio, the owner of a cool local Italian bakery. Silvio called his slices of pizza, museum pieces and boy were they good!

Thick slices of goodness, each piece of pizza was loaded with homemade pizza sauce and enough mozzarella cheese to gag a cow! They were unlike any pizza I had ever eaten or have come across since.

It was this experience that helped me realize that not all men were created equal. Silvio was a gifted pizza artist that could use his oven and dough to create beautiful works of art.

Replacing the windows in your home is similar to making pizza for lunch. Any guy with tools and a truck can install new windows into your home but only a truly gifted craftsman can execute the project flawlessly. Just because you invest in energy-efficient windows doesn’t mean you will end up quality windows in your home.”’

During a replacement window installation, the installer is likely the only trade on the job and he or she alone controls the quality of the finished product. When hiring a window company to replace the windows in your home be sure to not only interview the company itself but you should also become thoroughly knowledgeable with their installation staff and experience level.

Here are five great questions to ask your replacement window sales representative before deciding to hire his or her company…

1. Are your installers subcontractors or do they work directly for your company?

  • This can be a touchy subject as not all subcontractors are careless installers. Subcontractors however are usually paid per window they install which means they have little to no incentive to address additional issues they encounter during the installation process. A company using its own installers will typically compensate them for additional work that may need to be done in-order to properly install the windows.

2. How long have your installers worked for your company and how long have they been installing residential replacement windows?

  • Experience is everything when it comes to window installation. Like most things in life, the more times you have done something, the better you are at doing it. If the installers who will be installing your windows have worked for the same company for more than five years, you could assume they are probably pretty proficient at the job.

3. Are your installers Licensed Residential Builders?

  • Would you let someone who wasn’t a doctor perform a surgery on you? Then why would you allow someone without a Builder’s License install your new windows? Okay, window replacement isn’t quite open heart surgery but it is no walk in the park. By having a Licensed Residential Builder install your new windows, you will significantly lower the chances of encountering issues down the road.

4. What is your company’s policy if an installation issue is discovered after the installers are done and have left my property?

  • A typical window installation on an average home takes between 4-8 hours during which you and your family will feel like strangers in a strange land. Installers walking in and out of your house like they own the place, coupled with enough banging to wake the dead! During this process the last thing you would want to do is prolong this intrusive visit by thoroughly inspecting the installation. If you discover an issue after the installers have left for the day, you want to feel confident that the company you hired will return to fix the problem. Discuss with your salesman the exact procedure their company follows when a post-installation issue is discovered.

5. How long does your company stand behind the windows installation labor?

  • So you bought new windows for your home and the salesman told you that they have a Lifetime Warranty. But is it truly a Lifetime Warranty on everything or just a few select things that the window company knows will never go wrong? Most replacement window companies do not provide Lifetime labor coverage. The industry respected Labor coverage period is 2 years as most installation issues don’t take more than 2 years to show up. Any company that doesn’t stand behind their installation for at least 2 years is probably using subcontrators and providing a less than professional installation.

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