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Should We Add a Window To This Room?

adding a window

When speaking with homeowners about replacing their windows, I often get asked “Should we add a window to this room?“. For years I would always respond the same way, “It’s your home, do what you think you would like”.

What a lame response I know but I truly never thought about the question enough to form an opinion. Well a few years back I decided to give this question more consideration. It never occurred to me that by adding a window to room you could change the entire feel of the house. Here are a few questions to consider when deciding whether or not to add a window to a particular room.

   1. Does the room currently have proper ventilation?

  • Kitchens, bathrooms, and laundries are the biggest sources of moisture and odors in your home. While these rooms are usually equip with outside-vented exhaust fans, a window can also aid in the ventilation process.

   2. Is the room you are thinking of adding a window to currently too dark or too bright?

  • Adding a large window into a dark room is one way to breathe life back into an otherwise lifeless room. On the contrary, adding a window to say a Master Bedroom may cause the room to lose its romance.

   3. How might a new window in a room affect the furniture arrangement?

  • Before adding a window to a particular room, make sure that the new window will not interfere with the current furniture situation. Large windows are best left uncovered. If you decided to add a large picture window to a particular room, you may be left scrabbling for a place to put your old couch.

   4. Will the new windows be easy to clean after it is installed?

  • If you decide to add a window to a room on the second floor of your home, you may be disappointed if it is not an easy window to clean. Double hung windows are the easiest to clean due to the folding sashes that rotate in for cleaning. When double hung windows can not be used, a fully operating casement or double slider with sashes that lift in will fit the bill.

  5. Will the new window look good with my old windows?

  • If you are deciding to add a window to your home without replacing all of your old windows, you may want to consider whether or not the new window will go with your existing windows. Over the years window exteriors take a beating, becoming both faded and weathered. Our old window may have a drastically different look than the new ones we are installing.

So before you grab a sledge-hammer and blow a hole in your wall for a new window, consider these 5 questions. If in the end you decide you still want to add a window to a room in your home, Pure Energy Window Company is available to help. Give us a call today to set up a Free In-Home Estimate!



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