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Tips To Keep Your Windows Clean Year After Year

window cleaningWhen I was a kid growing up in Redford, MI we lived in a house that was built in the 1950’s. Everything in our house was original. We had a giant monster in the basement with long arms that my Dad called the furnace and single pane windows with storms that were as cold at ice cubes in the winter.

My house was pretty much the same as all my friends, low efficient and old! It wasn’t until 1995 that I realized how hard my Mom worked every year keeping our home windows clean and in working order. See in 1995 my Mom passed away after a long battle with breast cancer.

This was the first year that my father, brother and I had to work together taking out the storms in every window and replacing them with the screens. Every year my Mom, by herself, would remove the storms, clean the windows (inside and out), clean the screens and put them back into the windows. This project took my Mom about a day while it took us about a week that first year we did it!

Luckily today windows are much easier to keep clean. Some windows fold or rotate in for cleaning while others can easily be lifted out. I can remember thinking how nice my childhood home looked after the windows were cleaned. When the sun would shine on them and reflect back it just felt right.

Here are a few tips to help your family keep your windows clean year after year.

Window Cleaning Tips

  1. To avoid having to wash each window twice use a window-washing squeegee with a smooth, soft rubber edge to prevent streaks. In addition, try drying a one inch boarder at the top of each window before dragging the squeegee down the face of the window. Starting on dry glass will help avoid streaking down each pane.
  2. Many windows become dirty because the blinds covering them are dust magnets. Try spraying antiseptic spray, such as Static Guard on the surface of the blinds right after you clean them. This will help avoid the love/hate relationship between your blinds and the gross dust.
  3. Old windows are often plagued with mildew and mold spots. These spots can sometimes be cleaned using a bleach/detergent solution. Try mixing 2 ounces of bleach, 1 ounce laundry detergent and about a quart of water. Spray the cleaning solution on the mildew/mold spots and allow to sit for 10 minutes before wiping off.
  4. It may be disheartening if your clean your windows today and they become dirty within only a week. To help keep your windows clean to the next season, try applying a thin coat of floor wax to the exterior sill of each window. The outside window sill is a perfect place for dirt and grime to collect and blow up on your windows.
  5. Often times the interior of your windows become dirty because of something as simple as a dirty furnace filter. Furnace filters are meant to gather the tiny particles of dirty that end up in our heating and cooling systems. By changing these filters regularly, your windows will remain dust free for a longer period of time.

If while you are cleaning your old windows you decide new window are in order, Pure Energy would be happy to discuss the new options that are available to you today. Here at Pure Energy we even have EZClean glass that stays cleaner longer with no added work on your part! Give Pure Energy a call today to set up a Free In-Home Estimate!


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