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What Can I Do With My Old Windows?

There are many reasons that people decide to replace their home windows but one question always remains, “What can I do with my old windows?”

Every year, countless windows are removed and replaced by the many replacement window companies here in Michigan. Most homeowners are replacing their old windows because something is wrong with the ones they have. Maybe they are inefficient, broken or even hard to see through. These windows will most likely never be reinstalled into another home and will probably end up in a local landfill.

We here at Pure Energy, as leaders in the replacement window industry, are always striving to offer our customers new alternatives to old ways of doing things. Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years, you have probably seen the word “Green” more and more.

Everywhere you look people are talking about recycling, lessening our carbon foot print and even driving space-age electric cars. Well, Pure Energy doesn’t sell electric cars but we can give your family a few ideas when it comes to reusing your old windows. Here are 3 fun ways to reuse those old inefficient windows.

1. Make a picture frame with your old windows

Use your old windows to make a fun picture frame to display your family pictures. Window frames are designed to old heavy pieces of glass and give us a glimpse into the outside world. In this example, the creator strung the pictures up with twine and held them in place with clothes pins.

Picture frame made form an old window

2. Use old windows to make a green house

Make a “Eco Friendly” green house to grow all those plants you have always wanted. Windows are specifically designed to protect your home from Mother Nature making them perfect for use in a garden. In this example, old wood windows are used like pyramids on top of planting boxes.

old window green house


3. Make a mirror using old windows

People say that if you want to make a room seem bigger, just add a mirror to the wall. A mirror is just a mirror however unless it’s made out of an old window. An old window mirror can add both charm and character to any room in your home. In this example, the homeowner took 4 old windows and created matching mirrors for either side of this fireplace.

Window Mirror


These are only 3 of the many ideas that exist to help you reuse your old window. If you are ready to replace your old windows Pure Energy would love to help you learn about the many options in the market today.


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