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Replacement Window Trends for 2017

window trendsEvery year on December 31st millions of Americans choose to change their life. New Years resolutions have become a way of life in the Western Hemisphere with many men and women making ambitious decisions to do or not do something in order to achieve a goal or break a habit. More than half of these resolved individuals will fail in the first 6 months while only about 14% will make it to the follow New Years Eve party!

This year can be different and here is how! Instead of trying to quite biting your nails or chewing with your mouth open, take this year as an opportunity to improve your home. Unlike most New Years resolutions that require a year-long commitment, most home improvements can be completed in a day or two!

This year is a great year to finally replace your old, inefficient windows! New windows will flood your home with beauty and warmth while lower your utility bills and save you money. Before you replace the windows in your home, take a minute and educate yourself on the latest replacement window trends for 2017.

1. Covert Master Bedroom Windows into a Sliding Glass Door

  • Consider changing the old, inefficient windows in your master bedroom into a beautiful sliding glass door. This small modification will reap a substantial benefit if your old windows overlooks a patio or deck. This new sliding glass door will provide a private exit and quickly become a fan favorite for your morning coffee!

2. Consider a Unique Accent Window

  • Not unlike that odd chair in your living room, a unique accent window is just that, a window that provides character to a room. Consider adding a bay or bow-window above your kitchen sink or a custom geometric shaped window at the top of a stairway or the end of a hall. Accent windows, while more expensive than traditional windows, will truly add value to your replacement window project.

3. Not All Windows Have to be White

  • Replacement windows today come in just about any color your mind can dream up. From pink to black and everything in between, replacement windows can be manufactured to fit any decor or style. Don’t settle for plain white windows when you can create the exact look you want at virtually no extra cost. Want wood windows but don’t want the maintenance? No problem. Beautiful faux wood interiors can give you the look you desire without the headache of stain and wax!

4. Install a Wall of Windows

  • Looking to bring an abundance of light into your home? Consider converting an entire wall into solid windows. Nothing says beauty and style quite like wall to wall windows. Aesthetically pleasing and incredibly modern, a window wall will add value to your home while transforming it into a structure of beauty.

5. Consider Cutting Edge Energy Options 

  • Not all replacement windows are created equal. Much like a high performance sports car, today’s replacement windows have countless options to further increase their efficiency. Whether you choose to go with triple pane, argon gas filled glass or foam filled frames, energy savings can be drastically increased by making the right selections. Consider upgrading your windows to further increase your overall energy savings.

This article has been written by the publishing staff at Pure Energy Window Company. We are family owned and operated replacement window company servicing all of Southeastern Michigan and Lansing.

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