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Window Installation and Replacement Service in Farmington Hills, MI

Do your home’s utility bills keep going up and you’re not sure why? Your windows could be the culprit. Windows play a big role in your home’s heating and cooling and when they’re not functioning properly, it can cost you hundreds in energy bills each year.

What can you do when your windows are underperforming? Energy-efficient replacement windows from Pure Energy Window Company in Farmington Hills, MI might just be your answer. Our window company provides replacement and installation services for residents and homeowners of Farmington Hills. We install windows, sliding glass doors, patio doors, entry doors, and attic insulation that help make your home more energy-efficient.

We provide custom window installation and replacement services catered to your home and your preferences.

A Farmington Hills Window Company You Can Trust

For Pure Energy Window Company, giving customers the best experience possible is our top priority. We’ve become a window company that Farmington Hills can rely on, providing windows, entry doors, attic insulation, and sliding glass doors that meet our customers’ needs. We take the time to listen to your problems and concerns and make the best recommendation for your home. Whether you want replacement windows or simply to make your home more energy-efficient, our experts can handle it.

By working with Pure Energy Window Company, you have access to window professionals who have many years of experience in this business. We’ve worked with homeowners in Farmington Hills and across southeastern Michigan and we’ve seen many types of homes and many types of energy-efficiency problems. Even if you think your window problem might be too complex, our experts will be able to tackle it.

When you work with us, you can be confident that you’re working with the best. We never sub-contract out our work to another company and we do all window replacement and installation ourselves. We wouldn’t trust anyone else to provide premium window services to your Farmington Hills home, and neither should you.

Attic Insulation

Attic Insulation in Farmington Hills, MI

Although windows play a big role in your home’s heating and cooling efficiency, they’re not the only factor to consider. Your attic insulation material may also be impacting your energy bills, costing you hundreds of dollars per year. Your roof may fail prematurely as a result of a poorly insulated attic as well.

At Pure Energy, we’re committed to helping residents of Farmington Hills achieve energy-efficient homes, so we offer premium attic insulation services in addition to our window services.

The Highest-Quality Attic Insulation Material for Farmington Hills Homeowners

When we work on your attic, we only use the best insulation material available. We’re one of the few companies in Farmington Hills that uses Owen Corning ProCat insulation.

What makes ProCat superior? It’s made from fiberglass wool that’s been spun by a centrifuge, ensuring greater precision and allowing less heat to escape. ProCat also has to be applied dry, so it takes less time to settle as a result. Less settling time means a greater R-value from your insulation for as long as you live in your home.

ProCat insulation expertly applied by our Pure Energy technicians helps prevent your energy bills from steadily going up over time.

The other benefits of ProCat that make it the number one choice for Pure Energy include:

  • Naturally non-combustible insulation material, unlike other materials on the market
  • You’re less likely to see the formation of ice dams on your roof
  • Non-absorbent material that prevents moisture and condensation from forming in your attic
  • Helps cut down on mildew and damage related to moisture
  • Environmentally-friendly with the highest certified recycled glass content in the industry at 35%

Your Trusted Attic Insulation Partner

Getting the best attic insulation material is a good step for improving your home’s energy efficiency. But if you have ProCat insulation and don’t install it correctly, you won’t benefit from all its superior qualities. You can trust the Pure Energy experts to apply your attic insulation properly, as we are an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor.

Replacement and Installation of Entry Doors in Farmington Hills

Your front door says a lot about your home. It’s the first thing visitors see and it’s usually highly visible from the street. An entry door contributes to the overall curb appeal of your home and should look attractive, inviting, and consistent with the rest of your home.

Front doors aren’t just about looks, though. They’re also a barrier between your home and the elements, or other dangers lurking outside. Your front door should protect you from the heat, cold, and any other extreme Michigan weather.

When your front door isn’t sealed or installed properly, it can let heat escape in winter and allow heat inside in summer.

Beautiful and energy-efficient entry doors for homes in Farmington Hills

At Pure Energy, we offer a range of entry doors, including patio doors, that promote energy efficiency and look fantastic. All of our doors come in a variety of colors, materials, and finishes, with optional hardware to make your front door match your home perfectly.

We only stock doors that have a polyurethane foam-filled core for more energy efficiency. They also come in an authentic wood look, but without the hassle and maintenance of caring for real wood. All of our doors are resistant to warping, cracking, and splitting and each comes with a reinforced locking system.

When you choose a sliding glass door from us, we can guarantee quality, safety, and visual appeal. Each of our sliding glass doors has a one-inch IGU glass package, stainless steel spacer system, and a custom-fit interlock system. The high-performance glass will still allow light into your home without the heat from the sun’s rays. Each door is also easy to slide open and shut, with a secure locking system.

We use Next Generation PureCore composite glass in all our sliding glass doors, complete with fusion-welded panels. A door from Pure Energy will reduce heat transfer and meet or exceed ENERGY STAR standards for the state of Michigan.

Sliding glass doors with Pure Energy are also fully customizable. We have a variety of color and finish combinations you can choose from, including six elegant interior wood finishes.

Sliding Glass Door Installation in Farmington Hills, MI

Sliding glass doors can be an excellent addition to any home, adding charm and letting in more sunlight. If installed incorrectly, or made with poor-quality materials, however, sliding glass doors can cause significant heat transfer. For sliding glass doors that make your home look great and keep your energy bills down, the window experts at Pure Energy can help.

All our sliding glass doors have a one-inch IGU glass package, stainless steel spacer system, and a custom-fit interlock system. They’ll reduce heat transfer and either meet or exceed ENERGY STAR standards for the state of Michigan. You can also customize your sliding glass door from Pure Energy so that it matches your home’s interiors and exteriors perfectly.

Saving you more energy with 3 panes of glass

Pure Energy specializes in Triple Pane, Pure Core window technology

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Higher R-Factors Improve Energy Performance
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Greater Outside Noise Reduction
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Greater Condensation Reduction
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Higher Return on Investment

Energy-Efficient Window Installation in Farmington Hills

In this day in age, homes can’t afford not to be energy-efficient. With new ecological standards going in place for homes across Michigan, more homeowners are realizing how vital energy-efficient windows are. Farmington Hills residents are turning to high-quality windows that better regulate interior temperatures because they lower energy consumption. Not only do premium windows help the environment, but they also reduce your monthly utility bill.

At Pure Energy Window Company, all of our windows provide full-perimeter, high-performance weather stripping.

  • What does that mean? You have the best protection against the ever-changing climate in Farmington Hills.
  • What makes our windows energy-efficient? They’re all Next Generation uiPVC windows, coated in two layers of Low-E coating and two layers of argon gas.
  • What does Low-E coating do? It keeps warming sun rays out of your home but still allows full natural light.
  • What does argon gas do? The two layers of argon gas in our windows prevent heat transfer, keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter. Argon gas also has soundproofing qualities, eliminates condensation and frost, and allows fewer UV rays to enter your home.

If better interior temperatures and lower energy bills sound like something your Farmington Hills home needs, Pure Energy is happy to help.

How do you know if you need new windows? Typically, Farmington Hills homeowners replace their windows for one of the following reasons:

  • Windows have outlived their lifespan
  • They want to improve visual appearance of their home
  • They want windows that let in more light
  • To promote energy-efficiency

If your windows are more than a few decades old, then it’s probably time to get new ones. We also recommend homeowners get new windows if their house has been hit by a severe storm recently, as the windows can take on significant damage that may not be readily apparent.

We have many customers in Farmington Hills come to Pure Energy because they’ve noticed high utility bills and think their windows might be the culprit. Typically, energy-efficient windows can help lower your heating and cooling bills by about 10-25%.

Of course, several reasons factor into the decision to get replacement windows. Our experts will gladly consult with you to discuss your concerns or questions about your windows as well. You can trust our many years of experience in the window business, and we’ll give our best advice when it comes to replacing your windows.

Farmington Hills Window Replacement and Installation Services

When it comes to installing and replacing your home’s windows, Pure Energy Window Company provides a comprehensive service. We can do it all, installing any type of window your home needs. We’re a leading window company in Farmington Hills because we only work with top window supply brands and choose the highest-quality sliding glass doors. We select products that are guaranteed to promote energy efficiency.

What kind of windows can we install and place in your Farmington Hills home? Whichever type of windows you’ve envisioned for your Farmington Hills home, Pure Energy Window Company can provide a high-quality installation or replacement, with plenty of customization options to suit your home’s style.

All of our windows are PureCore, a trusted window brand the prioritizes quality and low energy consumption. Each PureCore window has fusion-welded frames that are resistant to rotting and warping. The thermal glass is high-performance, making PureCore windows one of the best brands your Farmington Hills home can get. We can customize your windows to fit your home’s style as well, with different interior finishes, exterior colors, add-ons, and other hardware.

Bay windows extend out from your home, providing a large window seat on which to place items. Bow windows have a smaller protrusion than bay windows, but create the effect of a large window rather than an architectural element. Both bay and bow windows add instant charm to a home, creating more space and letting in more light. We can provide PureCore bay and bow windows in hundreds of interior and exterior colors, including six beautiful wood grain variations.

Casement and awning windows are framed by a box that sits in your home’s interior, creating a ledge to place things on. They’re perfect for emphasizing a certain point in a room and can come in a wide variety of colors. All of our PureCore casement and awning windows use our patented R-Core insulation and pre-expanded high-density sold polyurethane foam to prevent heat transfer.

Double-hung windows consist of two windows, one placed on top of the other, with the lower window in front of the upper and able to be raised and lowered. Double-hung windows are a classing choice among Farmington Hills homeowners because they are easy to operate and let in a lot of natural light. Each of our double-hung PureCore windows has fin and pile weatherstripping on both the sash and the mainframe to protect against air, dust, and moisture.

Double slider windows are much like double-hung windows, but instead of the bottom window sliding up and down, one of the windows slides to the left and right. Double slider windows help your home get more natural light and provide a maintenance-free alternative to industry-standard sliding window units. Our double slider windows use patented Q-Lon weatherstripping to provide maximum energy efficiency without hindering the window’s ability to open and close smoothly.

End vent slider windows are ideal for larger openings, wider than 72” when you still want a sliding option. They resemble casement windows but are a more cost-effective choice for Farmington Hills homeowners. Each of our end vent slider windows comes with 7/8” high-efficiency glass, including 2 or 3 panes of double-strength glass for greater insulation.

Garden windows allow the entire window to protrude from the home, like a bay window but much smaller and with fewer panes. They provide unobstructed views of your garden or patio and let tons of natural light into your home. Each of our garden windows comes with an optional tempered glass interior shelf to provide a second surface for plants or herbs.

Update your look and energy-efficiency with durable entry doors and storm doors

We have several types of entry doors to choose from:

Our most popular choice for front doors, Heritage fiberglass is specially engineered to stay intact and avoid dents, splits, or cracks.

Steel doors are stylish and durable, adding a distinct look to any home. Legacy steel doors are cut from a continuous piece of 20-gauge steel to better maintain your home’s interior temperature year-round.

Our Signet fiberglass is our wood-effect front door that provides the classic curb appeal you’re after. Signet fiberglass doors are also highly weatherproof.

Adding a storm door is investing in another layer of security for your Farmington Hills home. The Decorator storm door is 20% thicker than the industry standard with corners secured by corrosion-proof gussets.

Get the ultimate protection for your home with one of our Deluxe storm doors. They come with a BetterVue fiberglass insect screen and a double bottom sweep to eliminate drafts.

The DuraGuard door comes with a stainless steel screen for better protection from Michigan’s harsh weather.

Get a customizable storm door that keeps your home protected with the Spectrum storm door. It includes an InVent retractable screen system, tempered safety glass, and a triple-seal bottom sweep to eliminate drafts.

Protect your home from storm damage and stay stylish with a Superview storm door. Each one contains a mesh screen, aluminum frame, and customizable options.

In addition to entry doors, we also have a variety of patio doors that also reduce heat transfer and protect your home’s interiors from the elements. All of our doors can be customized to your preferences, and each one is installed with expertise to ensure they promote energy efficiency in your home.

Farmington Hills Window Installer | Pure Energy Windows

Why Customers Keep Choosing Pure Energy Window Company

What makes Farmington Hills residents choose Pure Energy? We are dedicated to providing the best customer experience possible, and our business is based on giving you the most energy-efficient home possible. We do more than install and replace windows. We partner with you to help you achieve a more comfortable home, peace of mind, and a better overall lifestyle. At Pure Energy, we pair superior products with exemplary customer service, and that makes us one of the leading window companies in Farmington Hills.

Contact Pure Energy Window Company in Farmington Hills Today

Whatever issue you’re having with your home’s windows or doors, Pure Energy can help you solve it. If you’re looking to replace your windows, front door, patio door, sliding glass door, or attic insulation, our experts can help ensure your home becomes energy-efficient. Contact us today to get started.


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Saving You More Energy With 3 Panes of Glass

Pure Energy specializes in Triple Pane, Pure Core window technology


Higher R-Factors Improve Energy Performance


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