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Hire A Professional or Buy The Windows Yourself?

replacement window professional There are many great reasons to replace your old, inefficient windows in your home. New windows will help lower your utility bills while also improving your home’s overall appearance. Today’s high performance replacement windows can lower your gas and electric bills by as much as 40%! That’s a whole lot of extra money to do other home improvement projects around your house.

So why doesn’t everyone replace their windows? Well, the answer is actually pretty simple…the are not cheap. Last year This Old House magazine discussed home window replacement and the fact that you should spend roughly 10-12% of the value of your home when replacing your windows. That’s between $10,000 to $12,000 for replacement windows if your home is valued at 100k.

Once you decide to replace your windows, you will need to decide whether to hire a professional or buy the windows yourself. Buying the windows and installing them yourself may save you money but unless you are a professional finish carpenter, you may quickly regret this decision! Let’s take a look at why hiring a professional company to replace your windows may be the smarter choice.

Problems With Buying and Installing Your Own Windows

There is only one reason to consider purchasing and installing your own windows…to save money. However, before you get excited and run out to your local big box retailer, here are a few things you should consider.

  • You may purchase the wrong size or style window. I have been helping Metro Detroit homeowners replace the windows in their homes for over a decade now. Every window I have sold was first measured by me and then measured by a professional measure man. So every window came in the correct size right? Wrong! The old saying, measure twice and cut once, works most of the time but when it doesn’t you are left with a window that doesn’t fit the opening. If you make this mistake it will be your financial responsibility to purchase a second window to fit the opening correctly. By hiring a professional replacement window company to replace your windows, you insulate yourself against incorrectly measured windows.
  • You may improperly install a window yourself. Even if you are a self-proclaimed, professional do-it-yourself guru, your lack of experience can lead to improperly installed windows that leak over time. Ask even the most seasoned replacement window installer if they have seen it all and they will tell you no. Every window installation is unique. Unless you install windows for living, you may end up cutting corners to make a window work. Over time these improperly installed windows can allow air and water to penetrate your home causing high gas and electric bills not to mention damage to your home.
  • You may void the window warranty by installing windows yourself. A few years back, a friend asked me to sell him some windows that he could install himself. I advised him that if a certified installer didn’t install the windows, that the manufacture didn’t provide a full guarantee. About a year and half after he installed the windows he had a couple of problems. The manufacturer sent a representative out to his house to evaluate the problem. In the end, the manufacturer explained to him that because of the way the windows were installed, he had voided the warranty and that he had zero coverage. If he would have had my installers perform the install, his problems would have been covered under the normal guarantee and thus taken care of for FREE!

Reasons To Hire a Professional Replacement Window Company

The chance to save a buck is always tempting. Whether you are a weekend warrior or just have extra time to learn a new trade, window replacement may appear easy at first glance. However, when it comes to replacing the windows in your home, it is anything but simple! There are many reasons you should consider hiring a professional replacement window company to perform your project.

  • Replacement window companies purchase windows in bulk and get a better deal than you could ever get. My company purchases thousands of windows every year. Even if you could purchase the same exact window my company sells directly from the manufacture, your price would be significantly higher than mine. When you purchase anything in volume, the price naturally decreases. So unless you live in a home with hundreds of windows, you are better off purchasing the windows from a direct dealer when it comes to price.
  • Most professional replacement window companies have years and years of experience. By working with a replacement window company that has been in business for many years, you will receive advice backed by countless years of experience. When you replace the windows in your home, you have an opportunity to change the style and design of the existing windows. A seasoned replacement window expert has guided hundreds of homeowners through the replacement window gauntlet and will have many new and unique was of looking at particular openings.
  • Replacement window professionals are required to be licensed and certified. When replacing the windows in your home, most cities require you to pull a building permit. In order to pull a building permit you must be a Licensed Residential Builder. And in order to be a Residential Builder you must pass a rigorous professional exam that shows your competency in residential building. Any task that requires a licensed professional is probably best left to that professional. Certified professional installers have gone through countless hours of training both on and off the job. They have the experience needed to do your job right the first time!

In the end, hiring a professional replacement window company with certified installers just makes sense! Pure Energy Window Company is a Licensed and properly Insured Residential Builder that never uses subcontractors to installer your new windows. We provide State of the Art replacement windows to homeowners throughout all of Southeastern Michigan and Lansing. Give us a call today to experience the Pure Energy difference! Call (844) 449-9990 or click on the link below to schedule a FREE In-Home Window Consultation.

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