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5 Ways That New Windows Will Make You Happy

happy personAbraham Lincoln once said, “Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.” Growing up, I was a pretty happy kid. I had 2 parents that loved me, I played sports and I had lots of great friends. Today, I look at my own kids and they appear to be really happy too! Sure, like most kids they have their moments but generally speaking they are pretty happy kids.

So when do we stop being happy kids and start being unhappy adults? The answer to this question is simple…when we stop looking at the positives and only focus on the negatives.

Home improvement projects are no exception. You can choose to dread the cost of a new furnace or you can embrace the purchase and realize how much warmer your home will be next Winter!

Here are 5 ways that new windows will make you happy…

1. New Windows Show Pride in Homeownership

  • Nothing says pride in homeownership quite like an exterior home improvement project. Yes, a new kitchen is awesome but unless you are willing to invite strangers into your home, the average person passing by will have no idea you have a gourmet kitchen. If you choose to replace the old, dated looking windows in your home, you will have an immediate and dramatic impact on the beauty of your home. If you live in a home you are proud of, happiness is not far behind!

2. New Window Help Save You Money

  • My Dad always said, “money isn’t everything but it sure puts a smile on my face!” If the windows in your home are drafty and no longer seal properly, chances are you are spending more than you should be on your utility bills. Old inefficient windows can cause you to spend as much as 40% more on your gas and electric bill every month. For the average Southeastern Michigan homeowner, that is $1,000 wasted every year! By replacing your windows your utility bills will go down and your smiles will go up!

3. New Windows Will Keep Your Home Safe

  • Did you know that there is a home invasion every 14.7 seconds and that 25% of them occur when an intruder enters your home right through a window? That’s right, 1 out of every 4 home invasions are the result of an unwanted guest coming into your home through a faulty window. By replacing the windows in your home you will not only keep your unruly teenagers in but the unwanted guests out. We can all be happy when everyone is safe!

4. New Windows Can Bring in New Light

  • Light in our homes can have a major effect on how we feel and even influence our mood. In essence, light is critical for our health and well-being. An inadequate amount of light during the day for prolonged periods of time will negatively affect our overall disposition. By replacing the windows in your home, you will have the opportunity to add windows to rooms that currently lack a sufficient amount of light. With light, comes smiles and with smiles comes happiness!

5. New Windows Come in Many Colors 

  • Gone are the days of white only replacement windows. Today you can purchase windows for your home in any color of the rainbow. When painting the rooms in your home, you probably choose certain colors based on the mood your were trying to set. You choose dark colors for your master bedroom because they are calming and choose brighter colors for your kitchen to make the room more vibrant. Don’t stop at your walls, make the windows in the room work with the mood you are trying to create. New color will definitely make you happy!

Replacing the windows in your home is smart thing to do. Your utility bills will go down, the beauty of your home will go up and your head will hurt from all the smiling! If you are ready to be a happier person, give Pure Energy Window Company a call today!

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