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How To Evaluate A Home Improvement Contractor Part 7: Price

priceIf you are like most of us, you don’t have unlimited funds to dump into your home. There are probably a few projects around your house that you have simply put off because you know the cost will give you a heart attack! In the end, it all comes down to Price! So how do you know that you are getting a fair price for your home improvement project?

This week, in our last segment of How To Evaluate a Home Improvement Contractor, we will take a look at the cost involved in doing a home improvement project and how you can make sure The Price is Right!


Before you get your next estimate, here are 3 things to consider when meeting with a potential home improvement contractor to discuss the price of your project.

1. Is the price competitive?

  • There are hundreds if not thousands of companies you can hire to help you with your home improvement project. Whether the company is a big corporation with flashy TV commercials or a small family owned business, their estimate needs to be competitive. So how do you know their estimate is competitive? You do your homework! A ton of information is available to you today on the internet. Spend a few minutes researching the cost of your home improvement project. Performing a simple Google search will produced thousands of sites that will shed light on your home improvement project. Education is power and with power comes a good price!

2. Is the price inline with the quality?

  • Just because you get one estimate for $1,000 and another for $3,000 doesn’t mean that the second guy is looking to rip you off. When looking at project quotes you have to evaluate quality. Much like diamonds, home improvement projects have many facets that all influence the price. For example, when looking at replacement windows, your estimates can vary greatly depending on the quality of window you are looking at. The prices you receive can drastically vary depending on whether you are looking at cheap double pane windows or higher quality Triple Pane windows. In the end, use your best judgement here. If a product looks better, is rated better and has a higher price, it is probably a superior product that is worth paying more money for.

3. Is that the price you would give your mom? 

  • This might sound like a funny question but a few years ago this is the exact question that a lady asked me. The question took me off guard because I had never been asked it before. In the end this customer effectively got a better price because she played on my emotions. While every company needs to make profit to stay in business, not every deal they make needs to be high profit. Sometimes by just asking for a better price, you will receive one. Lucky for this lady I have fond memories of my mother and if she was still alive today I would give her windows for FREE! Bottom line, if you are interested in buying what the companies is offering, negotiate the best price you can and buy it!

We hope you have enjoyed this weeks blog article discussing the final thing to consider when evaluating a home improvement contractor. It is my belief that in the end we are all looking for same thing…VALUE. We want to hire a reputable COMPANY with a good PRODUCT. Have it INSTALLED properly with a solid GUARANTEE. Receive good SERVICE from a competent REPRESENTATIVE at a fair PRICE!

Next week we will take a look at why insulating your home before winter may be the smartest thing you do this year!

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