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How To Evaluate A Home Improvement Contractor Part 6: Representative

representativeFriedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche was a German philosopher from the late 19th century. Like most philosophers, Nietzsche took nothing at face value and questioned everything. He once said, “I am not upset that you lied to me, I am upset that from now on I can’t believe you.” Trust is an important thing! Once it is lost, you may never earn it back.

In this, the 6th installment of How to Evaluate a Home Improvement Contractor, we will take a look at what to look for in a company representative. Before you sign a contract for your next home improvement adventure, here are few things to consider while you meet with the company representative.


1. First Impression

  • You never get a second chance to make a 1st impression! I know this sounds so cliché but it is so true. The 1st time we meet someone and even before they say a word, our inner subconscious forms an opinion. Right or wrong, we immediately judge this person by the way they look or the mannerisms they present.
  • Go with your gut here but don’t over think it. Just because you don’t like the color of the representatives shirt doesn’t mean you won’t like what they have to say. Give them a chance to earn your trust before you kick them to the curb. On the other hand, if they show up smelling like booze with a stain on their pocket, you may want to think twice about letting them into your home!

2. Product Knowledge

  • I can remember one time I went with my Father to have his car repaired. The mechanic spent about 15 minutes explaining to my Dad in what sounded like a different language, what was wrong with his car. My Dad asked me as we drove away from the shop whether I thought the mechanic knew what he was doing or not? I told him I didn’t understand a word he had said. My Dad’s only response was, “Well he sounded like he knows what he was doing, so I trust him”.
  • Product knowledge is key when it comes to evaluating a company representative. If the person who comes out to your house doesn’t seem to know what they are talking about, you should probably be cautious. This is a tough one however and you will have to make judgement call.  Just because the company representative doesn’t understand the project details doesn’t mean his/her company isn’t capable of completing it. Much like a 1st impression, go with your gut here. If the representative seems like he knows what he or she is talking about, they probably do. In the end, spend a few minutes after your meeting double-checking their facts on the internet.

3. Communication

  • My wife once told me, “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say”. Us men have a problem admitting our wives are right but in this instant she is spot on! Communication is fundamental aspect of any quality relationship. If you are considering hiring a home improvement contractor to help you with your next dream project, be prepared to enter into a relationship with them. While you probably won’t exchange vows or rings, you will sign a legal contract much like a marriage license. This contract will outline your commitment to the contractor and their responsiblity to complete your project.
  • If you are unable to properly communicate with your company representative during your initial meeting, just image how the rest of the project will probably go. You may also want to ask for referrals before you decide to hire a company to do your project. You can ask these referrals how the communication was during their project.

We hope you have enjoyed this weeks blog article discussing how to evaluate a home improvement company. Next week we will take a look at our last evaluation point, the Price of the project.

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