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Customer Service…Are You Getting What Your Deserve?

customer serviceSimply put, customer service is the attention a customer receives before, during and after they purchase a particular product. Sure it feels good to get your hands dirty and get a job done but lets face it, we all enjoy being waited on. Whether we are at our favorite restaurant or remodeling our kitchen, having someone do things for us is always pleasing.

In the end, if we are paying for something to be done for us, we expect it to be done right. Here are 5 things to consider before you next home improvement project.

1. Was your initial contact a pleasant one?

  • They always say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. This couldn’t be more true in the home improvement industry. Whether the initial contact was at your front door or on the phone, you need to feel comfortable with whoever you first speak with. If you get a bad feeling about a company’s solicitor, chances are you may feel the same uneasy feeling when the salesman arrives to your home.

2. Did the company representative arrive on time?

  • A sales representative that is punctual says a lot about a company. Much like the initial contact person, the representative that comes to your home will be your first in-depth experience with the company. If you decide to hire their company, you will have to work with this person throughout your entire project. If they were late to their initial sales appointment, can image how the rest of the project will probably go?

3. Was you product installed as promised?

  • So you took the plunge, spent a lot of money and hired a company to help you with a project. The salesman told you the project would start in 2 weeks and it has now been 2 months! If there is one I have learned over the years it is that communication is key in any relationship. When you hire a company to help you with a project, you enter into a relationship with them. If a project is going to take longer than promised, a simple phone call is all it takes to calm the nerves of an anticipating homeowner. Look for a company with a proven installation schedule.

4. Did someone follow-up after your job was completed?

  • Last year I had some work done on my home. The job went great but there were a few small things that needed to be fixed. Manufacturing defects that I knew would be simple enough to address. Days turned into weeks and I never got around to calling the company. About 2 and half weeks after the work was done however, I received a courtesy call from the company just to make sure I was happy with everything. This call was perfect! I explained how happy I was with the product and also scheduled a service guy to come out and address a few issues. A follow-up call is just as important as the initial contact. Look for a company that goes out of its way to make sure its customers are happy.

5. Were all of your concerns handled in a professional manner?

  • Installation problems and manufacturing defects are part of the business. If you are going to hire a company, you need to remember we are all human. As mortal humans we are far from perfect. Whether the handle on your casement window won’t crank or your kitchen cabinet is scratched, you need to relax and call the company your hired. Provided the service representative you speak with handles your issue in a professional manner, you will be left feeling good. Most homeowners like yourself, merely want to be heard. If a service representative yells at you or doesn’t seem interested in fixing your problem, you may need to escalate your issue to a manager.

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