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How Do You Evaluate A Home Improvement Contractor? Part 1 Company

companyOver the past decade I have helped thousands of Michigan homeowners just like you turn their dreams in reality. Whether you are looking to convert your basement into a luxurious man cave or just replace your old windows, you will be faced with a very difficult decision…Who do you hire?

When it comes to hiring a home improvement contractor, there are seven distinct areas you should never overlook. Over the next seven weeks we will take an in-depth look into each of these seven evaluation points to help you and your family become better educated consumers.

Week #1 : Company 

So how do you effectively evaluate a potential company to help you with your project? It doesn’t matter whether your project will cost $1,000 or $10,000, spending even a little time background checking a potential company may save you thousands in the long run. Here are 3 ways to systematically evaluate each potential home improvement company you are considering hiring.

1. Look At The Reviews

  • Now this is a tricky one, so pay close attention. There is no way around it, the internet is an awesome tool that makes our lives better in so many ways. In fact, it is because of the internet that you are able to read this article today. One thing remain clear however, you can’t believe everything you read on the internet! There is no such things as the internet police. If you want to review a restaurant even though you have never eaten there, no one can stop you. So where can you go to get reliable reviews?
  • Every year the Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives a Letter Grade to every home improvement contractor in the State of Michigan. So just like in school, it is easy to understand that an A grade is better than a C. In addition to a letter grade for each company, the BBB has also compiled 100,000 verified consumer reviews from homeowners just like you. Do yourself a favor and spend a few minutes reading these reviews to get a better understanding of a company’s customer service record.

2. Confirm License and Insurance 

  • Here’s a Pop Quiz…If a contractor falls off a ladder on your property and hurts himself, who will be held responsible? If you answered the contractor, you would only be right a small percentage of the time. See, most home improvement contractors operating today in the state of Michigan do not have proper insurance. Provided you as the homeowner willfully allow a contractor to work on your home, your Homeowner’s Insurance policy covers them in-case of an accident. You heard me right, even if your contractor uses a faulty ladder and falls because of his own negligence, your insurance will be held accountable. Just do you homework here. Ask for a copy of the potential contractor’s insurance certificate along with a copy of their Builder’s License. Take a few minutes and call the company listed on the insurance certificate in addition to the State of Michigan to verify the legitimacy of these documents. This easy step can save you a major headache in the future!

3. Evaluate The Company Longevity

  • I think I would feel pretty good if I was a surgeon’s 1,000th surgery. On the other hand, I may get a bit worried if I was their 1st! A company doesn’t have to have been in business for 100 years to make them a good company. Sure after a 100 years you probably know what you are doing but it doesn’t mean that a newer company doesn’t. There are a  few ways to find out how long a company has been doing business. You can look the company up on the state of Michigan’s website, search for them on the Better Business Bureau website or just ask your sales representative if you feel you can trust them. No matter how you get this information, make sure you do. Having an accurate understanding of the company’s history will give you a better picture of their overall ability to help you with your project.

Home improvement projects can be very stressful! You are typically spending a large amount of money with a company that whether you like it or not, you will have to trust. Whether you are remodeling your bathroom or putting on a new roof, make sure you spend few minutes getting to know the company before your hire them.

We hope you have enjoyed this weeks blog article discussing how to evaluate a home improvement company. Next week we will take a look at evaluation point # 2, the Product itself.

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