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Why Is There Condensation On My New Windows?

window condensationOver the past eleven years, I have helped thousands of Michigan homeowners replace their old inefficient windows. As a result, I have heard every window replacement complaint in the book. “Your installers had beards and looked scary!” or “I smell caulk in my home and want to know when it will go away?”. In this week’s blog post, I have decided to address what is probably the most common issue with replacing the window in your home…Condensation!

You probably replaced the windows in your home because they were drafty. The old drafty window in your home had cracks and gaps round the frames and sashes that allowed air to move freely between the interior and exterior of your home. This constant air flow is why you decided to replace your windows in the first place but it is also why you never noticed condensation on your windows. This unwanted air flow eliminated condensation on your old windows in 2 major ways:

  1. The warm moist interior air of your home was able to escape around your windows without resting on a cold surface long enough to condensate.
  2. The cold exterior air coming in around your windows created a barrier around them preventing the warm, moist interior air from resting on the cold window surface.

By replacing your old windows, you have actually made your home tighter! In fact, exactly what your window salesman said would happen…did! Your new replacement windows have limited the air flow between the inside and outside so drastically that excess humidity can no longer escape from your home. So I know what your thinking. You replaced your old drafty windows with new State of Art windows to correct your energy efficiency problem only to create an entirely new problem with condensation. Lucky for you however this problem is correctable.

Helpful Tips To Reduce Window Condensation

1. Properly Vent Appliances

  • There are many appliances in your home that may or may not be properly vented outside. If an appliance such as a clothes dryer, ceiling exhaust fan or gas burner is vented into your attic or worse back into your home, you will for sure have condensation issues with new replacement windows. Become that weekend warrior or hire a professional to check for proper venting of all major appliances and exhaust fans.

2. Adjust Household Humidifier

  • After installing new windows into your home, you will also need to adjust your humidifier settings. In most cases lowering your humidifier will quickly rectify any window condensation issues. In some rare cases, completely turning off the humidifier may be in order.

3. Periodically Ventilate Your Home

  • Having an airtight home is great but only 95% of the time. Take time to air out your home each day by opening windows and doors for at least a few minutes. Not only will this allow fresh air into your home but you will release any excess moister before it has an opportunity to condensate on your windows.

4. Frequently Use Exhaust Fans

  • The exhaust fans in your bathrooms and laundry room were put there for a reason…to remove excess moister. Make sure to run these exhaust fans for at least 10-15 minutes after every shower or load of laundry. With proper exhaust fan use, the humidity levels in your home will be lowered and window condensation will be eliminated.

5. Open Fireplace Damper

  • Every fireplace is equip with a damper, an internal flap used to close off the fireplace from the externally vented chimney. By keeping this damper closed when the fireplace is not in use, you will prevent cold outside air from entering your home. Dampers can be viewed as another window in your home. By periodically opening your fireplace damper, you will be able to help humidity and moister escape up your chimney and not condensate on your new windows.

Getting new windows is exciting, having new windows that condensate is not! A few small adjustments in your home will help eliminate this problem before it occurs.

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