Fun In Michigan This Spring

Breakout the light jackets and allergy pills, it Spring once again in our great state of Michigan. Over the years I have come to realize that I stay in Michigan for 2 reasons; Spring and Fall! Nothing is quite like Michigan weather in the Spring and Fall. Sunny and 65° is probably what the weather is like in Heaven! Michigan

Are Your Ready For Winter?

The Boston ivy covering the front of my home has finished its yearly vertical decent. Changing from bright green to crimson red, this visual display natural beauty can mean only one thing, Winter is almost upon us. As we put away our Summer sandals and break out the Winter boots, may we also take a minute to think about our

Things To Do This Winter In Detroit Michigan

I have grown up my entire life in Metro Detroit, thirty-five years right in the heart of Motor City. When I was a kid, I remember wishing that I actually lived in downtown Detroit because that was where my favorite baseball team the Detroit Tigers played. If I lived downtown I could simply walk over to the stadium and see