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Fun In Michigan This Spring

spring michiganBreakout the light jackets and allergy pills, it Spring once again in our great state of Michigan. Over the years I have come to realize that I stay in Michigan for 2 reasons; Spring and Fall! Nothing is quite like Michigan weather in the Spring and Fall. Sunny and 65° is probably what the weather is like in Heaven!

Michigan has plenty to offer as we head into this years Spring season. If you’re looking to end your Winter blues, here are 5 things to do around town this Spring.

1. Visit the War Dog Memorial 

  • Unless you live around Milford Road and 11 Mile, you have probably never heard of the War Dog Memorial. I hadn’t until a customer told me about it a few days ago. At the corner of Milford Road and 11 Mile you will find a dog cemetery filled with dogs who valiantly served in the United States military. Unearthed in 2010, this beautiful memorial has taken its rightful place in Michigan history. Take a minute and stop by one day to see some of man’s best friends!

2. Take a trip down memory lane at Greenfield Village 

  • Looking to spend an afternoon reminiscing about the past? Look no further than the beautifully designed Greenfield Village in Dearborn. Whether you want to go for a ride in an original Henry Ford model A or watch talented craftsmen glass beautiful glass art, Greenfield Village has it all! Be sure to experience the train that circles the entire village. Hearkened as a must see at the village, these real steam locomotives will leave you will a feeling nostalgic and yearning for more! So plan a day to Greenfield Village and bring the kids because there is something for everyone to do there!

3. Head downtown to the ballpark 

  • Whether you are baseball fan or not, Comerica Park in downtown Detroit is a place everyone should see at least once in their lifetime. Opened in 2000, this marks the 17th year the Detroit Tigers have played baseball on Woodward Avenue across the street from the historic Fox Theater. There are amusement rides for the kids, great food for the adults and a Triple Crown winner on the field to watch! Nothing quite says Spring like watching the Tigers in downtown Detroit. Get on the StubHub and find some tickets you won’t be disappointed with the experience!

4. Find some mushrooms 

  • Spring time in Michigan can be wet and messy time of the year. We all know far to well, April showers bring May flowers in our great state but did you also know they bring delicious mushrooms? That right every year droves of Michigan residents pile into the acres and acres of woods that surround our beautiful state in search of the precious morel mushroom. Known for its great taste and stealthy ability to hide, morel mushrooms are a spring time favorite in Northern Michigan. There is even a Morel Mushroom Festival every year in Boyne City in mid May.

5. Stop and smell the tulips 

  • Every year more than 4.5 million tulips bloom in what can only be called a spectacle of floral fortitude in Holland, Michigan. The annual Holland tulip festival brings flower lovers and green thumbs alike to this small Lake Michigan front city. With free events for the entire time, Holland Tulip Festival will come up all roses if you only give it a chance. The month of May is the best time to see the colorful tulips in full bloom throughout the entire city of Holland.

Spring time in Michigan is great time of the year for this beautiful state. Don’t let another weekend go by without exploring our wonder state. Get out there and make memories that will last forever!

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