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What Can Pure Energy Do For You?

All of our windows and doors are not only beautiful, they are exceptionally energy-efficient to help you save money each and every month.

New Home Windows and Doors in Washington, MI | Best Windows, Doors and Local Customer Service in Michigan!

Windows are one of the main ways to control the climate inside of your home. Low-quality or old windows can cause too much heat or cold to pass through because of poor insulation – which increases your heating and cooling bills as the weather in Michigan changes throughout the seasons. If your energy bills are increasing for your Washington home, you may want to take a look at your windows. Get new replacement windows from Pure Energy Window Company could be the answer.

Pure Energy is a window company that provides new window installations, entry door replacements, and sliding glass doors to Washington, Michigan and all of Southeast Michigan. Our company is committed to a more livable, sustainable future for Michigan, and it starts with us offering energy-efficient windows to homeowners across the region. Let us help you with energy costs with new windows, doors, and attic insulation!

Family Owned & Operated

Family Owned & Operated

Pure Energy Window Company is owned & operated by the Beaver & Masters families with over 40 years of experience in the replacement window & entry door industry.

Superior Craftsmanship

Superior Craftsmanship

Pure Energy windows are constructed with the highest quality materials and are backed by a 50-Year Transferable Guarantee.

Michigan Local

Michigan Local

Pure Energy Window Company is headquartered in Brighton, Michigan and serves all of Southeast Michigan including Novi, Troy, Farmington Hills, and more!

Energy Efficient

Always Energy Efficient

All windows offer full-perimeter, high-performance weather-stripping, which gives your home maximum energy efficiency and security against the harsh elements of Michigan’s ever-changing climate.

Your Trusted Window Installation Service in Washington MI

When looking for new windows for your home, you want to work with a reputable company. We have become one of the leading window installation companies in Washington MI due to the fact that we utilize only the best materials and products. Since we want your property to be in pristine condition, we will not accept substandard windows. Pure Energy places an emphasis on the customer experience by attending to you and your home’s every need.

Working together with our technicians guarantees the job will be done right and you will get an unwavering commitment to excellence. We perform all of the window installation and replacement tasks ourselves – we never outsource any of our work to subcontractors. You know when you call Pure Energy that our truck and professional window installed will show up at your door!

Entry Door Replacement and Installation in Washington, MI

What does your front door say about you home? Does it showcase your personal style or make people feel welcome? When people come to your house, the front door makes a big impression, and the right front door makes a great impression.

Our team can install a variety of styles and colors that match your home exactly.

Energy-Efficient Windows for Your Washington Home

What effect do the windows in your Washington home have on your weekly bills? Too much heat can escape through windows that aren’t big enough or aren’t installed properly. They let too much heat out in the cold, which means you have to turn up the heat in your home. Also, these kinds of windows let in too much heat during the colder months, making you use your air conditioner more often. Because of this, you will have to pay more to keep your home at a comfortable temperature all year.

Windows that are energy-efficient can cut this heat loss by a large amount. At Pure Energy, we use PureCore™ windows, which have high-performance weatherstripping around the whole edge to protect your home from the outside world. There are two layers of Low-E covering on each window. This lets light in but keeps the sun’s heat out. It will make your home bright and nice without making it too hot. There are also several layers of argon gas inside each PureCore™ window to help move heat around, stop humidity, and block out noise.

Pure Energy has several models of windows to help your property’s style and your preferences:

Bow and bay windows: Bow and bay windows make any room in your house look better, like the kitchen, living room, or bedroom. Pure Energy windows also make a room feel bigger. You can fully customize your bow or bay window by picking from a huge range of colors for the outside and the inside.
Awning and Casement Windows: These types of windows are great for drawing attention to a certain area of a room. R-Core insulation and pre-expanded high-density polyurethane foam are used in all of Pure Energy’s awning and casement windows to stop and lessen heat movement.
Double-hung windows: Many people in Sterling Heights choose double-hung windows because they look classic. We at Pure Energy make sure that all of our double-hung windows have fin and pile weatherstripping on the core sash to keep out dust and water.
Double slider windows: Our double slider windows let more light into your room. Original Q-Lon weatherstripping is built into our windows to make them more energy efficient while still letting you open and close them easily.
End vent slider windows: Our end vent slider window is the best choice for people who want a sliding window option for a space that is bigger than 72 inches. For better insulation, each window has many panes of 7/8-inch high-quality glass and many pieces of double-strength glass.
Garden windows: With a garden window, you can see your yard or patio in all its glory. It all comes with a toughened glass shelf that you can choose to use or not.

Do you need support in choosing the most ideal window for your house? Give Pure Energy a call and we will be happy to provide answers to your inquiries.

Energy-Efficient Entry Doors for Your Washington Home

Our professionals not only put in entry doors and windows that save energy in Sterling Heights homes. People who want to break in, bad weather, and bugs shouldn’t be able to get through your front door. It should also look good.

Pure Energy has a lot of different front doors that can be changed. Each one has a polyurethane foam core that makes it more energy efficient. They also can’t break, bend, or split, of course:

  • Heritage fiberglass
  • Legacy steel
  • Signet fiberglass
  • Decorator storm door
  • Deluxe storm door
  • DuraGuard
  • Spectrum storm door
  • Superview storm door

Why Washington MI Uses Pure Energy Window Company

People in Washington keep choosing Pure Energy Window Company because they trust us to run a business that sells good products. This group of people also knows that when they work with our experts, they will get excellent customer service. We’ve worked with more than 4,000 people in more than 100 places across Michigan because they trust Pure Energy to make their homes more energy-efficient.

We do more than just repair windows at Pure Energy Window Company. We are helping you invest in improvements to your home that will make it a better place to live in terms of comfort and the environment.

Contact Pure Energy Window Company in Washington Today

Pure Energy Window Company can answer all of your questions about windows, doors, and sliding glass doors that save energy. You can also ask for a price quote on our services and methods.

Why Customers Love Customers Love
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We had an awesome experience with Pure Energy, it's a night and day difference in our home. Jake, the installation team leader, was a pleasure to work with and his team did a great job with our windows. They took great care of our home and thoroughly cleaned up after the end of each day. Would highly recommend Pure Energy!


Brighton, MI

Save Energy Save Energy With 3 Panes of Glass

Pure Energy specializes in Triple Pane, PureCore™ window technology

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