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New Pure Energy Windows can completely transform the beauty of your Canton home!

Premium Window Installation and Replacement Services in Canton, MI

Are your windows a little worse for the wear? Have you noticed skyrocketing energy bills and want to do something about it? High-quality replacement windows from Pure Energy Window Company might be your answer.

We serve residents of Canton, MI, replacing and installing windows, sliding glass doors, entry doors, and attic insulation to make homes more comfortable and energy-efficient. As a trusted window company in Canton, we provide custom window installation service that’s catered to your home, needs, and preferences.

A Trusted Window Company in Canton

Homeowners in Canton and throughout southeastern Michigan have come to our window company looking for installation and replacement services that they can rely on. We’ve made giving our customers the best experience our top priority. Our customer-centric business model means that you get exactly what you’re after, whether it’s energy-efficient windows, replacement windows, better attic insulation, or improved entry doors.

When you hire Pure Energy Window Company for your window, entry door, and attic insulation services, you know that you’re working with experts who have years of experience. We never sub-contract out the work we do on your home, and you’ll always have one of our professionals installing or replacing your windows. We wouldn’t trust anyone else to do a top-notch job on your home, and neither should you!

You deserve to have the best in your house and to have energy-efficient solutions that keep your heating and cooling bills from going up. When you need a Canton window company that cares about your needs, Pure Energy Window Company can deliver.

Attic Insulation

Professional Attic Insulation Replacement and Service in Canton, MI

Poor-quality windows or poorly installed windows aren’t the only factors that can raise your energy bills. Low-quality attic insulation can also impact what you pay in utilities, costing you hundreds of more dollars per year. Bad attic insulation can also cause your roof to fail prematurely. With our dedication to helping Canton homeowners have more comfortable, energy-efficient homes, we provide attic insulation services in addition to window installation and replacement.

The Highest-Quality Attic Insulation Material for Canton Homeowners

At Pure Energy Window Company, we’re one of the few companies in Canton that uses Owen Corning ProCat insulation, made from centrifugally-spun fiberglass wool. What makes ProCat insulation superior to other attic insulation materials? We apply it dry, and it takes very little time to settle, so it maintains its R-value for as long as you live in your home. You won’t see your energy bills steadily increase over time.

ProCat insulation is also naturally non-combustible, unlike other attic insulation which usually contains combustible materials. You’re also less likely to see ice dams forming on your roof, keeping your ceiling and walls from getting damaged. As a non-absorbent material, it also prevents moisture and condensation from forming in your attic, which cuts down on mildew or other moisture-related damage. ProCat insulation is also friendly to the environment, with the highest certified recycled glass content in the industry, at 35 percent.

A Trusted Attic Insulation Partner | Owings Corning Preferred Contractor

Having superior attic insulation is great, but if it isn’t applied properly, you can’t benefit from all its advantages. Pure Energy is an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor, so we have the experience and knowledge needed to install ProCat attic insulation correctly, maximizing the value for your Canton home.

Replacement and Installation for Entry Doors in Canton Homes

The front door of your Canton home says a lot about you. It also impacts your home’s energy emissions and could be raising your utility bills if it’s not sealed or installed properly. Sprucing up your front door with a coat of paint might make it look nicer, but it doesn’t help with your energy problem. To get the most out of your front door, you may need a complete upgrade.

Pure Energy Window Company offers top-quality front doors to Canton residents, ensuring your home looks spectacular and keeps you comfortable.

Sliding Glass Door Installation in Canton, MI

A sliding glass door is an excellent feature to your Canton home, whether it connects your living room to your patio, your bedroom to your balcony, or your kitchen to your back deck. Sliding glass doors give you easy access to your home’s outdoor spaces, and bring in tons of natural light.

If it’s not installed correctly, however, your elegant sliding glass door will be the cause of your increased energy bills. When you want a new sliding glass door that adds to your home’s aesthetic appeal and ensures energy efficiency, Pure Energy Window Company in Canton, MI can help you out.

Each of our sliding glass doors comes with a number of advantages that guarantee quality, safety, and visual attractiveness. Our doors have a one-inch IGU glass package, stainless steel spacer system, and custom-fit interlock system. What does all that mean? It means a sliding glass door from Pure Energy will reduce heat transfer and meet or exceed ENERGY STAR standards for the state of Michigan.

What else do our sliding doors provide your Canton home? Each panel has an anti-take-out device to prevent removal of the door panel while it’s active, a plus for safety and security. Each door also comes with a robust locking system, with the option to upgrade to a dual-point key lock or foot-bolt lock. In addition to security, our glass doors last a long time. They’re constructed from Next Generation PureCore composite, with fusion-welded panels for enhanced strength and longevity.

Customize Your Sliding Glass Door

No two homes are alike, and every family has its style preferences. That’s why we provide a wide range of customization options for your Canton home’s glass door, so that you can pick exactly the door that matches your style and preferences. When you purchase a sliding glass door from Pure Energy, you can choose from hundreds of color and finish combinations, including six elegant interior wood finishes.

Saving you more energy with 3 panes of glass

Pure Energy specializes in Triple Pane, Pure Core window technology

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Higher R-Factors Improve Energy Performance
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Greater Outside Noise Reduction
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Greater Condensation Reduction
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Higher Return on Investment

Install Energy-efficient Windows for your home in Canton, MI

More and more Canton residents are seeing the impact of energy-efficient windows and insulation solutions on their energy bills and opting for windows that promote sustainability. At Pure Energy Window Company, we offer some of the most energy-efficient windows in the state of Michigan. Each of our windows provides full-perimeter, high-performance weather stripping, meaning that you have the best protection against Michigan’s ever-changing weather.

Our energy-efficient windows are all Next Generation uiPVC windows. They’re coated in two layers of Low-E coating, which keeps warming sun rays out but still allows maximum light into your home. They’re also covered in two layers of argon gas. This colorless, odorless, motionless gas helps prevent heat transfer through your windows, soundproofs your home, eliminates condensation and frost, and allows fewer UV rays into your home.

Is it time for your Canton home to become more energy efficient? We’re happy to help you lower your utility bill by replacing your windows with our energy-efficient ones.

Pure Energy Window Company provides some of the highest-quality windows in Canton, but how do you know when it’s time for replacement windows?

Windows are an essential part of your home, allowing natural lighting, increasing airflow, and improving your home’s visual appearance. If you haven’t given any thought to how your windows impact your overall comfort, your home’s energy efficiency, or other important benefits, then it’s time to consider what replacement windows from Pure Energy could do for you.

If your windows are more than a few decades old, it’s probably time to replace them. Also, if your house has recently survived a severe storm, your windows may have taken on significant damage and need replacing. Another common sign is if you notice your energy bills going up by about 10-25%. Other important factors affect the life and durability of your windows as well, but age, storm damage, and energy efficiency are typically the most common reasons to replace your windows.

Getting energy-efficient windows has several advantages for your home, including:

  • Lowering your utility bills
  • Increasing comfort in your home
  • Giving your property more curb appeal
  • Making your windows easier to clean

When you choose Pure Energy as your Canton window company, we’ll use PureCore windows that promote energy efficiency and last a lifetime. If you’re unsure whether you need new windows or not, we’d be happy to discuss it with you and provide our expert advice.

Window Replacement and Installation Services in Canton

Pure Energy Window Company is Canton’s number-one window company providing a range of window and insulation services. When it comes to installing and replacing your home’s windows, we can do it all. We only choose trusted, high-quality brands to supply your windows and sliding glass doors so you can be confident that your energy bills will be lower and your home will be more comfortable for years to come.

Some of our specific window installation and replacement services include:

With fusion-welded vinyl frames resistant to rotting and warping and high-performance thermal energy glass, PureCore windows are among the best window brands Canton homeowners can get. In addition to superior quality, you can also customize your windows to your home’s style with interior finishes, exterior colors, add-ons, and other hardware.

Bow and bay windows add charm, character, and extra space to your home. They also let more light stream into your house. We provide bay and bow windows in hundreds of interior and exterior colors, as well as six wood grain variations.

Our casement and awning windows come with the PureCore mainframe, fusion-welded into place so they stay strong for a lifetime. They never need painting or caulking and are resistant to extreme temperatures. You can be sure our casement and awning windows promote energy efficiency, as each one meets or exceeds all ENERGY STAR guidelines for installation in the state of Michigan.

Canton homeowners love double-hung windows because they look classic and are easy to operate. Pure Energy double-hung windows are crafted with premium materials so your windows last you a lifetime, with weather-tight seals and protection against air, dust, and moisture.

Double sliding windows from Pure Energy are uniquely designed to be maintenance-free. Built with fusion-welded PureCore mainframes, these windows slide open easily while keeping the elements out.

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Garden windows are the perfect way to enjoy your yard, garden, patio, or outdoor space from inside. Our garden windows come with trapezoid casement side panels to give the room extra ventilation, and each one can be custom-fitted with a solid, simulated marble seat.

Durable entry doors and storm doors to transform your home

We offer a wide range of home entry doors that you can customize to your needs and preferences. Everything from the material and paint finish to the decorative glass and hardware is customizable. All of our doors come with a polyurethane foam-filled core to maximize energy efficiency, as well as an authentic wood look without the maintenance required for real wood. They’re also resistant to denting, warping, cracking, and splitting, and come with a reinforced locking system for enhanced security.

Don’t let your home’s entry door be the culprit behind your higher energy bills. Get a door you love that keeps your interior temperature comfortable and doesn’t send your HVAC system into overdrive. And get it installed by the experts at Pure Energy Window Company who know how to fit it properly.

We have a variety of entry doors that Canton residents can choose for their homes:

The Heritage fiberglass doors we provide are a popular choice because they’re specially engineered to avoid denting, splitting, cracking, or warping. They also keep your home insulated and minimize heat transfer. Like all our doors, Heritage fiberglass doors are customizable.

The Legacy steel door is long-lasting, insulating, and stylish. With a door cut from a continuous piece of 20-gauge steel, your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard to maintain a comfortable interior temperature, at any time of the year.

The Signet fiberglass door mimics real wood, to give your home the curb appeal you’re after. They’re also durable, keeping nasty weather out for years to come.

A storm door adds another layer of security to your home, to protect you from Michigan’s harsh weather. The Decorator storm door is constructed from full extruded aluminum that’s up to 20% thicker than the industry standard. The corners are also secured with corrosion-proof gussets. You can minimize storm damage significantly with this door.

The Deluxe storm door is the ultimate in storm protection, available in either full glass or partial glass. It features a double bottom sweep to eliminate drafts and a BetterVue fiberglass insect screen to keep pests out.

Each DuraGuard storm door comes with a non-removal, stainless steel screen for better protection from the elements. You can leave the screen exposed by removing the glass insert, or keep the glass in for the full aesthetic effect.

Spectrum storm doors come with all the features your home needs for extra storm protection, including an InVent retractable screen system, tempered safety glass, and a triple-seal bottom sweep to eliminate drafts.

The design of the Superview storm door gives the front of your home a classic look while maintaining the storm protection you need. With a mesh screen, aluminum frame, and customizable options, you can get the perfect storm door for your Canton home.

Canton's Top Window Replacement Company | Pure Energy Windows

Why do Canton residents choose Pure Energy Window Company? We’re a family-owned and operated business that gives Canton homeowners a better alternative for window installation and replacement. Our founders put their 35+ years of window experience together to create a company that focuses on superior quality products with unparalleled energy efficiency. Pure Energy Window Company is built on attention to detail and the drive to provide the best products available.

Why Canton Loves Pure Energy Window Company

We’ve served over 4,000 customers in 149 cities across southeastern Michigan, and our clients continue to value our dedication to customer service. Pure Energy Window Company isn’t in business just to sell you windows. We operate our company so that we can make your life a little bit better. When you read our many testimonials and reviews, one theme stands out: our friendly, efficient, professional service. When exemplary products are paired with attentive customer service, it’s hard for customers to ignore.

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Could your Canton home use new windows or an entry door? Would you like to add a sliding glass door or storm door to enhance your property? We’d be happy to discuss it with you. Contact us today to get a quote on our services.


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Saving You More Energy With 3 Panes of Glass

Pure Energy specializes in Triple Pane, Pure Core window technology


Higher R-Factors Improve Energy Performance


Greater Outside Noise Reduction


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Higher Return on Investment

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