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New Pure Energy Windows can completely transform the beauty of your Bloomfield Hills home!

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What Can Pure Energy Pure Energy Do For You?

All of our windows and doors are not only beautiful, they are exceptionally energy-efficient to help you save money each and every month.

Window Replacement and Installation in Bloomfield Hills, MI in Bloomfield Hills, MI

Do you know that windows have a huge part in maintaining your home’s inside climate? When you have poor-quality windows, sometimes they allow large amounts of heat to go through, causing you greater expenses on your monthly cooling and heating bills. If you have noticed rising energy expenses for your Bloomfield Hills house, replacement windows from Pure Energy Window Company might be the solution.

Our window company serves inhabitants of Bloomfield Hills for years, to assist you in having a more energy and cost-efficient property. We understand that lots of Bloomfield Hills property and homeowners are interested in subsiding in more green, efficient lifestyles and at Pure Energy, we will assist you in accomplishing it.

Besides window installation and replacement, our technicians also offer solutions for sliding glass doors and entry doors.

Your Trusted Window Installation Service in Bloomfield Hills MI

As you’re seeking the latest windows for your home, you want a business that you can rely on. We’ve become one of Bloomfield Hills’s most dependable window installation servicers due to the fact that we constantly use the best products. We want your home to exhibit the best, so we do not settle for average windows. Pure Energy also prioritizes customer experience, keeping you and your home’s demands each step of the way.

When you work with our technicians, you can be confident of a job well done and firm faithfulness to quality. We do not pass off any of our work to sub-contractors and only allow our superior window technicians to finish each and every replacement or installation job. Pure Energy would not trust anyone else to do an excellent job with your property, and you shouldn’t either!

Bloomfield Hills Replacement Windows

Energy-Efficient Windows for Your Bloomfield Hills Home

How does your Bloomfield Hills home’s windows impact your utility expenses? Low-quality windows that aren’t put in suitably allow too much heat transfer. Such windows let a great deal of heat go outside in colder seasons, causing you to increase your home’s heating. This type of window also lets a lot of heat indoors during summer, making you operate your air conditioning more frequently. As a result, you’ll need to pay additional to preserve your house at a comfortable temperature all year.

Energy-saving windows will drastically lower this heat transfer. We use PureCore windows which have high-performance, full perimeter weatherstripping to shield your property from dangerous outdoor elements. Each window contains multiple layers of Low-E coating, which allows light to come in but not the warmth from the sun’s rays. You obtain a lively, inviting home without warming it wastefully. Every PureCore window also contains two layers of argon gas to aid with heat relocation, soundproofing, and the reduction of condensation.

Pure Energy has numerous types of windows to help your property’s design and your likings:

Bow and bay windows: Bow and bay windows increase allure to any room of your property, whether it’s the living room, bedroom, or kitchen. Windows also amplify an interior space. We allow you to completely adapt your bow or bay window, choosing from hundreds of interior and exterior colors.
Awning and casement windows: If you need to place importance on a certain spot in a room, casement and awning windows are perfect. All of our awning and casement windows have pre-expanded high-density polyurethane foam and R-Core insulation to further reduce heat relocation.
Double-hung windows: Lots of Bloomfield Hills property owners select double-hung windows due to their memorable appearance. At Pure Energy, every one of our double-hung windows have pile weatherstripping and fin on the sash and mainframe to shield against unsought dust and moisture.
Double slider windows: Let more light into your house with Pure Energy’s double slider windows. Pure Energy’s windows include original Q-Lon weatherstripping to increase energy efficiency while still letting you to open and close them effortlessly.
End vent slider windows: Pure Energy recommends our end vent slider window to those who desire a sliding window result in any opening of larger than 72 inches. Each window has a 7/8-inch high-quality glass and multiple panes of double-strength glass for exceptional insulation.
Garden windows: Get a detailed, open observation of your patio or garden if you choose a garden window. Each one offers an optional tempered glass shelf as well.

Would you like assistance selecting the best window for your house? Give our team a call and we’d be thrilled to give answers to your inquiries.

Energy-Efficient Entry Doors for Your Bloomfield Hills Home

Along with offering energy-efficient windows, our technicians also install entry doors in Bloomfield Hills homes. Your home’s front entrance should characterize your individual style, but your front door should also be secure against inclement weather, intruders, and pests.
All of our entry doors are able to be midified and contain a polyurethane foam-filled core to help energy efficiency. They’re also resistant to cracking, warping, and splitting:

  • Heritage fiberglass
  • Legacy steel
  • Signet fiberglass
  • Decorator storm door
  • Deluxe storm door
  • DuraGuard
  • Spectrum storm door
  • Superview storm door

Why Bloomfield Hills Loves Pure Energy Window Company

Bloomfield Hills inhabitants keep choosing Pure Energy Window Company because they realize they can depend on our management of high-caliber products. Bloomfield Hills residents also appreciate that as they collaborate with us, they get a pledge of top-tier customer service and relations. Pure Energy Window Company has helped several thousand patrons in over a hundred cities across Michigan because our patrons cherish Pure Energy’s commitment to rendering their homes to be more energy-efficient.

Here at Pure Energy Window Company, we don’t just swap out your home’s windows. We’re always aising in investing in your house’s improvement to make it more comfortable and ecological to exist in.

Contact Pure Energy Window Company in Bloomfield Hills Today

For all your inquiries about energy-efficient windows, sliding glass doors, and entry doors, give our friendly professionals a call. You can also ask us for a quote on our services and procedures.

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