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Why Should I Hire Professional To Install My Replacement Windows?

hire a professionalLike most things in life, when it comes to replacing the windows in your home you will have to decide who will do it. I don’t mean who you will hire but rather who will actually install the windows into your home. If you fancy yourself a weekend warrior, you could put on your working gloves and tackle the project yourself. However, if your anything like me, spending a weekend on a ladder carrying up windows that weigh more than my dog doesn’t exactly sound appealing!

Hiring a professional to replace the windows in your home is key. Professional window installers help you avoid common issues such as improper installation, gaps in the frame and improper caulk application. Before you decide to hire Ralph, your bearded neighbor down the block to install your new windows, here are a few things to consider.

1. Insurance

  • Are you okay excepting responsibility if Ralph falls off a ladder and hurts himself? This question might come as a surprise to you as you probably believe that he has his own insurance. This assumption however would be gravely wrong most of the time. See most contractors in the state of Michigan do not have worker’s compensation or general liability insurance for one simple reason…they are not required to have them! Unless the contractor you hire is a licensed Michigan builder there is no requirement for him to have insurance. Your homeowner’s insurance policy will provide him coverage in the event of an accident. This may lead to a large claim being placed against your insurance policy which will probably cause your rates to increase.
  • On the other hand however, you could hire a professional replacement window company. Most reputable replacement window companies carry a large workers comp and general liability insurance policy just in case something bad happens. I don’t know about you but a professional with insurance sure makes me feel better about letting them work on my home.

2. Quality Work

  • Just because a company sells a quality product doesn’t mean it will good once it is installed into your home. I remember when a friend of mine bought beautiful marble tile to have installed into his home. This tile in the box looked amazing but once it was affixed to the floor it looked awful! There were scratches on almost every piece of tile and the grout looked as though Jackson Pollack had flung it with a paint brush.
  • Professional window installers take a lot of pride in their work. If they work for a reputable replacement window company, chances are they are held to a higher standard. Many companies require their installers to be licensed builders and receive factor training before installing any windows. If you want your windows to not only function properly but look good too, hire a professional!

3. Guarantee 

  • This is a big one and should not be overlooked! Yes, your buying brand new replacement windows and they should be good for the next 100 years. But just in case they don’t last that long, having a good guarantee is important. My Dad always said, “the best guarantee is the one you don’t have use but it sure puts a smile on my face!”
  • Don’t purchase replacement windows without a guarantee! You wouldn’t drive your car without insurance even though you haven’t had an accident in 5 years. Why would you spend the kind of money it takes to replace your windows and not get a guarantee? Most quality replacement window companies provide a long-term guarantee that covers all manufacture defects and most general maintenance issues. Ralph down the street can’t even guarantee he will always live down the street let alone that your windows will remain in proper working order.

Hiring a professional replacement window company will not be the cheapest way to replace the windows in your home. If you are looking for cheap then hire Ralph however if you are looking for quality and piece of mind, hire a professional replacement window company like Pure Energy Window Company!

This article has been written by the publishing staff at Pure Energy Window Company. We are Family Owned and Operated replacement window company servicing all of Southeastern Michigan and Lansing.

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