Lowest Price or Best Value – which is your goal?

Back in the day, our parents used to say “What you pay for is exactly what you get” – and when investing in new windows that statement couldn’t be any more true. What is the difference between price and value when you are receiving an estimate for a home improvement? Let us help you understand what you should know when

How to Choose the Right Window Company

While you may have established relationships with many professionals in your life—your hairdresser, your dentist, your mechanic—you may not currently have a go-to window company. Whether you’ve simply never upgraded your home windows before or didn’t like the last company you worked with, you may be wondering how to choose the right window company for your up-and-coming project. You should

5 Areas In Your Home That Are Costing You Too Much Money

As another holiday season draws to a close, inevitably most of us find ourselves in debt. Whether you overspent on Christmas presents for the family or decided to take that holiday trip to Paris, most Americans begin the new year in debt! So how do we get out of debt? Well, we could put in more hours at work or