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Vinyl Replacement Windows South Lyon MI

Vinyl Replacement Windows Are an Energy-Efficient Option for South Lyon, Michigan, Homes

Vinyl Replacement Windows South Lyon, MI

When it comes to replacing house windows, a majority of homeowners choose vinyl, and for good reason. Vinyl replacement windows boast extraordinary benefits such as energy efficiency, durability, and increased beauty. If you’re interested in having these outstanding windows installed at your home, reach out to Pure Energy Window Company. As one of the top window companies serving South Lyon homeowners, we can expertly install vinyl windows at your home that you’ll never have to replace again.

Energy Efficiency

Many homeowners don’t realize how much of an effect outdated or poorly functioning windows can have on their energy costs. Our vinyl replacement windows are excellent for energy efficiency, having the lowest air infiltration rates in the industry and features such as:

  • Vinyl frames filled with polyurethane foam
  • Low-E glass that reflects infrared light
  • High-performance triple-pane glass with a stainless-steel spacer system

All of these components help minimize the transfer of heat between your home and the outdoors, keeping your home at a more comfortable temperature. This requires less work from your HVAC unit, and could ultimately lower your heating and cooling costs, saving you money in the long run.


Another reason Pure Energy is proud to install vinyl replacement windows is because of their durability. Vinyl is an exceptionally strong material that is resistant to warping, rotting, cracking, and chipping. The sturdy vinyl frames are paired with double-strength glass to make sure your home is protected from any outside elements, such as harsh weather. Vinyl is also a low-maintenance material, so your windows won’t need much upkeep and will last as long as you stay in your home.


Vinyl replacement windows are able to be customized, allowing you to perfectly match them to your tastes and enhance the curb appeal of your home. We have several styles available, including double and single hung, casement, picture, awning, and sliding, as well as a variety of custom lab-created wood interiors to complement your indoor décor.

For more information about our vinyl replacement windows, or to schedule a consultation at your South Lyon home, contact Pure Energy Window Company today. We also encourage you to visit us at our showroom.

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