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Not Your Grandma’s Kitchen Window

garden windowI remember when I was young and my mother would take my brother and I up to visit my grandmother in the small town of Belding, Michigan.

Visiting my grandparents for me was the equivalent of going to heaven. Even before I set foot into my grandmother’s house I was assaulted with the familiar smells of homemade pies and other delicious delicacies that should be illegal to consume.

My grandmother would spend days preparing everything from apples pies to custard filled Long Johns. Filling the house with smells that to this day still bring me back to a simpler time in my life.

I can vividly remember my grandmother’s kitchen, a far cry from the gourmet kitchens of today. Having stainless steel nothing and one tiny little window, my grandmother’s epicurean delight creation center was no Iron Chef lookalike.

My grandmother always said she wished she had a nicer window in the kitchen. Unfortunately my grandmother passed before I got into the window industry and she never got a better window for her kitchen.

Today however, there exists numerous window designs that are sure to pump some new life into your drab old kitchen.

Garden style windows are a great way to give your kitchen a much-needed face lift. Garden windows are a beautiful addition to any home. They can easily be installed into any existing window opening. Garden windows extend outside the walls of the house thus providing extra light, creating more space and giving you a wider view of the outdoors.

Upon installation however many homeowners are left wondering just how to make the best use of this strange new window. Here are a few suggestions on how to get the most out of your new Garden Window.

1. House Garden

  • The name says it all. Garden windows are just that, a great place to start that indoor horticulture garden you have always wanted. Garden windows extend out from your home, are all glass and receive enormous amounts of Mother Nature’s golden rays making them a great place to grow plants.

2. A Colored Glass Display Case

  • As was mentioned in the previous suggestion, garden windows receive large amounts of natural sunlight making them a perfect place to display all your multicolored glass figurines and bottles. As the sun moves across the horizon, your home will be treated to a full spectrum light show.

3. Additional Storage

  • Our kitchens are busy places and if yours is anything like mine, there never seems to be enough space for stuff. A properly placed garden window can provide ample shelving space for such things as sponges, soaps or even your electric pest control shock stick!

4. Soak Up The Sun

  • Garden windows are a lot like my 70-year-old neighbor Marge who spends hours and hours a day laying in her backyard soaking up the powerful sun rays. Unlike like Marge however, who should probably stay out of the sun, there are a few things that benefit from prolonged sun exposure. Making sun tea? Need some fruit to ripen? Place them in the garden window to speed up the process. Garden windows are created using an all glass construction making them a mini sun room.

Garden windows make a beautiful and practical addition to any kitchen. Here at Pure Energy Window Company we carry garden windows in a large array of styles and designs. If you are considering a new Garden Window or just replacing your existing windows, Pure Energy has professional trained window technicians that can assist you in the process.

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